Elecciones en USA. Cobertura al momento.

A centímetros del objetivo

Donald Trump se acerca a la Casa Blanca.

Clinton 218 Votos electorales. Trump 266 Votos electorales.   270 para ganar.


Comienzan a llegar los primeros resultados de la elección con la más extraña campaña en su historia.

Colegios electorales (270 para ganar la presidencia)

trumpTrump 266         hillary88Clinton 218


Trump vence en Florida.

FLORIDA -29 colegios electorales-

trumpTrump 49.1      hillary88Clinton 47.7

Resultados provisionales (todo el país -liderando-)

trumpTrump 48.23          hillary88Clinton 47.28


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63 thoughts on “Elecciones en USA. Cobertura al momento.”

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  2. Alpiste, Fab 🙂

  3. Estimada JUlia:
    Creo que los métodos empleados por Trump en plena campaña nos acercaba a una figura populista -y ya sabemos a donde nos guían los populistas- Espero que esto solo haya sido un sistema de marketing diferente solo para obtener la presidencia.
    De todos modos, es el nuevo presidente electo y de aquí en más hay que desearle y desearnos buena suerte.
    Para utilizar un ejemplo futbolístico, tal director técnico no nos gusta, pero una vez que estamos en el mundial de fútbol -queremos ganar- y eso pasa a segundo término.

    • Sergio Serrano
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Trump dijo que va a unir el pais . Felicitaciones

    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Creo que porque Fabián vive en EEUU en libertad y yo en Argentina y prisionero. Son percepciones y quizás la mía sea equivocada. No me gustó que OBAMA rindiera honores a terroristas y a la mentira, cuando vino a Argentina. Eso fue muy injusto. Sería como llevarle flores a los que atentaron el 9/11. De cualquier forma siempre deseamos lo mejor para toda la gente, en democracia. Deseamos que EEUU no fracase. Lo mejor para todos.

    • Paulo Batista
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Cuando ganó e la Florida yo dije ya está. Se terminó Hillary

    • Tarasca
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Trump va a ser un presidente con mano dura. Eso es lo que veo.

  4. Que sea para bien de todos.

    • Mickey Ranone
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Hail to the TRUMP !

    • Judith Dane
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    We gotta accept Trump’s victory. Hillary is a pragmatist and knows how to get things done. It’s not “pie in the sky” but reality pushing her progressive arguments.

    • Patricia De Magistris
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Felicitaciones a Trump. Yo no lo huebiera votado.

    • Norber
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Los yenquis estan locoooooos, beyessssaaaaa!!!!!!

    • Benjamín Arteta
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Ya hay 266 votos para Trump. Vamos Trump viejo nomas!

  5. Con pena hay que decir que Trump ya esta para ganar…

    • Gerardo Girbatti
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Trump a la vuelta de la esquina. Va a llevar a EEUU de nuevo a ser numero 1. Espero que Mauri aprenda de el!!!

    • Rogelio Hidalgo
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Trump le hubiera dado una patada en el que te dije a Mauri si lo llevaba a homenajear terroristas.

    • Martha
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    I am for Hillary because she is the smartest candidate in the field today. Conservatives have been afraid of her progressive plans and have done their best to destroy her reputation without success because her record comtradicts those accusations. She should be our next president.

    • José Rosales Cueto
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Trump. va a hacer un gran trabajo.

    • Cliffhunger
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Trump ‘ s the man.

  6. I am not registered, I woulda voted for Hillary.

  7. Trump

    • Jenny Ortiz
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    I am so proud I gave my vote to Secretary Clinton. Her list of accomplishments are well known. Her grace and dignity under the most exraordinary circumstances will bring pride to our nation just as that we’ve experienced with President Obama. Frankly, I’ve grown accustomed to having a person of substace and intelligence in the oval office.

  8. Trump’s the man. Presidents have the benefit of being surrounded by highly talented experts in their respective fields – it’s the entire basis for the Cabinet appointments. But, what’s the one area on which a president is on his own? Negotiations. When our leader walks into an international forum, or that one-on-one meeting with the British PM, there is no adviser that can speak for him. It’s the one time the president sinks or swims on his own merits. As such, a stern – even arrogant — president with negotiating expertise is of paramount importance. Governors have keen negotiating skills, sure – so do CEO’s. Trump is so good at it, though, he – literally – wrote the ‘bible’ on it.

    • Adan
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    El problema es el dia después, todos sanatean pero después no sabes que hacen hasta que entran en acción. Los demócratas curten la onda derechos humanos. Voy por Trump. Adan Burnik

    1. Exacto. Todos son iguales, de todos modos yo hubiese votado a Hillary. Trump no conoce nada sobre política internacional.

        • Carlos López
        • posted on November 9, 2016

        Clinton parami era la meJor opción.

    • KUNG FU
    • posted on November 9, 2016

    Clinton va a poner en orden a los yankis y a los chinos tambien.

  9. Un hombre tiene mas coraje para tomar decisiones. fijense la loca que nos toco aca…!!!!!!!!

  10. Yo que gane Trumpetta, con el caracter que no tuve.

    • posted on November 8, 2016

    Clinton is a failure; 30 years of politics and a debt to her boss, about half of the debt we nationally owe, almost 10 trillion… Clinton is the hider of emails, which is the key to a life time in prison for lying to the FBI. Though Trump too, deserves a jail time as well, Clinton was a anti-terroism post, and yet so many things occured shortly after her spot. Like ISIS, and Syrian refugees, Osama Bin Laden, 9/11, you name it! She has a very sartistical attitude, and was denied as president for 3 times. Pretty bad, right? Trump on the other hand, was a politician who knows everything about saving debt, due to his political experiences. His knowledge is essential to the debt of 20 trillion and to cover the funds back. Also, he has a very strong attitude that is both jokey yet serious, and he is not afraid to tell a remark, and blunt person, and he has very strong intentions. He can correctly limit the presidential congressional jobs to steady the rate of power throughout the USA, while Clinton’s subortionate, Obama, added 3 Supreme Judges in his terms, while most only did 1. He can also lower the tax return fee for the citizens, which will further benefit, and though you might think this will lead to further debt, it’s not true since he banned foreign exchange policies throughout politicians, which will make America first. This will make America rapidly get it’s money to not start a war about debt, a world war.

      • Heather Rossi
      • posted on November 9, 2016

      He had more failures than successes. He hasn’t given factual evidence supporting his promises. He’s walked over many small businesses to better his wealth yet claims to be for the small business man and wants to bring jobs back to america.

    1. Hillary is the best for our countyry
      She understands economic inequality – and wants to fix it
      She thinks anti-vaxxers are stupid
      She supports gun control
      She knows the criminal justice system in this country is broken
      She wants to fix Citizens United
      She supports other women in the climb towards equality
      She supports American Workers

      • Carl Seaman
      • posted on November 9, 2016

      Trump is not a pit bull. He is a showman, a salesman who is full of bluster. He knows so very little and this was evident in the debates
      Hillary Clinton is the best thing for America

  11. 150 votos y gana Trump? que paso con mi Hillarie?

    1. Reaccionó y va ganando. Hillary es la mas normal.

    • Rogelio Bentancur
    • posted on November 8, 2016

    Hay que escuchar a los mayores y los chicos chiiiiito! Vamos a apoyar a Claudio con Trump.

  12. A nosotros mucho el panorama no nos va a cambiar. Puede que a Macri le convenga que gane Puttin…

    1. Igual yo hubiese votado por Hilary Clinton.
      Trump es un arcaico maleducado y petulante.

      • Sabri
      • posted on November 9, 2016

      Trump me parece un payaso.

    • Raúl Bosso
    • posted on November 8, 2016

    Trump es el tipo que se necesita para patear el tablero. No se va a dejar manipulear como el grone

    • Kita
    • posted on November 8, 2016

    No se puede elegir a un hombre que ha insultado a las mujeres y a los hispanos, acusandolos de cosas de las que no tiene pruebas… Espero que HILLARY CLINTON GANE POR EL BIEN DE TODOS.

    1. Totalmente de acuerdo. Hillary es la mejor candidata.

      • Samanta López
      • posted on November 9, 2016

      Para mi Hillary es mejor. Una lastima que pierda.

  13. Hillary should be in prison. And as for Trump, if you need a root canal, would you allow someone who says “I can do it, I don’t have any experience but I’m sure I can do it”, or would you go to someone who has done thousands of them and has a degree? We need someone who has some sort of a political background. It’s also deplorable that we buy into the 2 party system. It’s all a sham. Trump is gonna be our “presidente”

      • posted on November 8, 2016


      1. Yeah right.
        My vote goes to Hillary.

    • Richie González
    • posted on November 8, 2016

    trump es el unico que puede traer cambio a Venezuela y sacar a maduro de una buena ves

    • William Manassaro
    • posted on November 8, 2016

    Trump Because ‘We Judge the Leadership of Our Country to Have Failed’

  14. Trump

  15. Donald Trump tiene que ganar

    • Humberto Casas
    • posted on November 8, 2016

    , ,” e`–o
    (( ( | __,’
    \~—————-‘ _;/
    ( /
    /) ._______________. )
    (( ( (( (

  16. Lola, pero voy con Fabián en esta: Hillary

    1. Hillary Clinton, sin vueltas.

    2. Hillary Clinton tiene mas sabiduria. Trump es un prepotente que no sabe nada de politica.

  17. Trump, para agarrar la sarten por el mango…

    • Carter
    • posted on November 8, 2016

    Claudio, my friend… What happened to you? Do you want that snake on your door? Clinton is my “man”… LOL

    1. Go Hillary, go! ♥

      • posted on November 9, 2016

      Dear Carter. Clinton knows everything. Trump may be different. The world needs something different. These are times of danger. We will see the government teams that are formed. If the US fails, democracy and the values of democracy fail. Together Democrats and Republicans and on. Affectionately

        • posted on November 9, 2016

        Carter Amplio mi respuesta. OBAMA vino a Argentina y llevó flores a monumento donde se rinden honores a algunas victimas de la represión, pero en su mayoría fueron terroristas que asesinaron mucha gente inocente en la década de los 70. En ese lugar también figuran 23.000 víctimas que no existieron y que recién ahora el gobierno lo reconoce. Si en lugar de OBAMA hubiera estado CLINTON seguramente hubiera hecho lo mismo. Cordialmente

  18. Yo voy con Kussman padre: TRUMP

    • posted on November 8, 2016

    Fabián Kussman a favor de CLINTON
    Claudio Kussman a favor de TRUMP

    1. Controversia familiar

      1. Que momento! Lucha de generaciones!
        Igual creo que ninguno de los dos candidatos sirva de mucho


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