Estados Unidos vuelve a la carrera espacial

Space X comienza su misión el 27 de mayo

Dos astronautas estadounidenses completaron un ensayo general antes de su innovador viaje a la Estación Espacial Internacional en una asociación entre la NASA y SpaceX.

[pullquote]Puntos clave:
Los astronautas serán los primeros en ser puestos en órbita por una empresa privada.
Solo hay un 40 por ciento de posibilidades de clima favorable para el lanzamiento
SpaceX dice que el lanzamiento será “todo un espectáculo”[/pullquote]

Los astronautas de la NASA Doug Hurley y Bob Behnken, que completaron la carrera en seco el fin de semana, serán parte del primer intento de una compañía privada de enviar astronautas a la órbita.

Solo los gobiernos ruso, estadounidense y chino lo han hecho en el pasado.

Behnken y Hurley

Después de subir a bordo de la cápsula SpaceX Dragon en la parte superior del cohete SpaceX Falcon 9 el miércoles 27 de mayo a las 16.33 hora de la Florida, la pareja también se convertirá en los primeros astronautas lanzados desde el Centro Espacial Kennedy de la NASA desde el último vuelo del transbordador en 2011.

Sin embargo, el lanzamiento dependerá del clima y solo hay un 40 por ciento de posibilidades de condiciones favorables para el día del lanzamiento, según las previsiones del 45 ° Escuadrón del Ala Espacial de la Fuerza Espacial de EE. UU.

Según el pronóstico, el centro espacial en Cabo Cañaveral en Florida podría ver lluvia y una espesa capa de nubes.

La misión está diseñada para ser una demostración de viajes espaciales comerciales y es una asociación entre la agencia espacial estadounidense y SpaceX, propiedad del multimillonario fundador de Tesla, Elon Musk.

El coronel Hurley y el coronel Behnken, vestidos con elegantes atuendos blancos, se trasladarán de un Tesla del mismo color a la cápsula del Dragón.

El ex astronauta Buzz Aldrin, que acompañó a Neil Armstrong en la misión Apollo 11 de 1969, dijo en línea que los preparativos para la misión trajeron buenos recuerdos.

Mayo 25, 2020


33 thoughts on “Estados Unidos vuelve a la carrera espacial”

    • coco chavez
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    Siempre me fascino este ambiente.

    • murphy montanes
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    Is this really taking place or is it fake? It seems so random and sudden

    • posted on May 25, 2020

    I feel for those going up on a Space X rocket.. they like to blow up

    • Jett C.C.
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    The fact that America has had to rely on Russia for the past 9 years in order to get anyone into orbit is yet another item on the list of shame brought to us by Republicans. The party of George Bush just wasn’t that interested in space travel, and was perfectly happy to let our greatest geopolitical enemy take the lead. It’s still happening today with Trump, who to this day will not say one negative word about his puppet master in Moscow.

      • posted on May 25, 2020

      there are going to be tragedies, no way around that. But once every ~80 launches is ridiculous. 2/3 of the people who died in spaceflight died in the shuttle.

      • posted on May 25, 2020

      Elon Musk says that space flight will finally pay for itself when we can shoot 100 people at a time into space. The inevitable failure of such a craft will put any shuttle tragedy to shame. But that’s not really the point, is it?

    • posted on May 25, 2020


    • posted on May 25, 2020

    Those suits are from “PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE”

    • sea of love
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    I hope these astronauts have a safe flight. SpaceX is notorious for blowing their stuff up on the launchpad…and not landing very well either. Of course, Boeing’s Starliner is somehow doing worse. NASA, for all its warts and expense, has a better track record than either of these companies. If this rocket or any of the next few rockets blow up, it’ll set commercial space flights back by 20 years or more.

    • Mario solozabal
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    SpaceX goin take us places, not nasa, they too slow

      • judge dread
      • posted on May 25, 2020

      NASA specifically want commercial companies to handle the day to day stuff while they focus on more lunar and innovative projects. However, the Starship is an added bonus from SpaceX!

      • Renee Kach
      • posted on May 25, 2020

      NASA contracted Space X to do this.

    • Craig Ross
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    the spacesuits look fake…
    the rocket looks fake
    this sounds as fake as the moon landing

      • Ocalala Star
      • posted on May 25, 2020

      Okay… now back to Kansas, tiger.

    • Thanh Khang
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    Sao chúng ta ko gửi lên một hành tinh hay một sao chổi một kính viễn vọng ở đó chúng sẽ đưa ta đi dc xa hơn quan sát dc nhiều hơn

    • Kat Clark (@KatClark15)
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    Ok so those suits definitely look like an 80s film, yeah..

    • posted on May 25, 2020

    I’m scared and nervous.

      • Anonymous
      • posted on May 25, 2020


    • posted on May 25, 2020

    GOOD LUCk!

    • Bill Waffer
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    Those spacesuits and helmets are right out of a low budget 70’s SiFi movie

      • Anonymous
      • posted on May 25, 2020

      They are flight suits ,not made for spacewalks

      • posted on May 25, 2020

      They’ll work just as fine as any pressurized intravehicular activity suit. SpaceX intentionally went for the SciFi look. The astronauts will use the bulky EVA suits if they need to do a spacewalk while on the ISS.

    • 包括 船項目和新登
    • posted on May 25, 2020


    • A. J. White
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    I’m going to leave this planet too. It is no longer safe here.

    • rocking chair
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    “Safety first!…and make the spacesuits really goofy looking.” – someone said that at Space-X apparently.

    • posted on May 25, 2020

    Wait so during a pandemic there are sending the germs to space?

    • roy viccino
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    The SpaceX suits look like something off of a 1950’s pulp sci-fi magazine cover. Love it!

    • Albert Rodinek
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    I’v always been a big fan of the Space program. Let’s wish these people well. Godspeed, SpaceX.

    • Kyle De Neville
    • posted on May 25, 2020

    Their suits look like something out of an old futuristic movie. Lol

      • city boy dunlop
      • posted on May 25, 2020

      The uniforms are from the ‘Lost In Space’ spin-off.

        • lex jolsen
        • posted on May 25, 2020

        They are pretty horrid.

        • Yidrich Tahl
        • posted on May 25, 2020

        shows how advanced those shows really were. these are repurposed sandblasting outfits.

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