Dos californianos acusados en un complot descubierto por el FBI para bombardear oficinas demócratas en Sacramento


Los cargos recientemente revelados contra dos hombres de California alegan que planearon bombardear la sede del Partido Demócrata en Sacramento después de que Joe Biden fuera declarado vencedor de las elecciones presidenciales de Estados Unidos de 2020. Los arrestos y acusaciones de Ian Benjamin Rogers, de 45 años, y Jarrod Copeland, de 37, fueron anunciados el jueves por la noche por la Oficina de Campo del FBI en San Francisco.


“El FBI y la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Napa han trabajado mano a mano para descubrir esta conspiración y prevenir cualquier pérdida de vidas”, dijo Craig Fair, el agente especial a cargo.

Ambos hombres enfrentan un cargo de conspiración para destruir un edificio mediante fuego o explosivos. Rogers enfrenta cargos por armas de fuego y explosivos, luego de que las fuerzas del orden incautaron cinco bombas de tubo, alrededor de 50 armas de fuego – “incluidas al menos tres armas completamente automáticas” – y municiones durante un registro en su casa y negocio en enero. Copeland, quien fue arrestado esta semana, enfrenta un cargo de obstrucción de la justicia por supuestamente intentar borrar los mensajes entre él y Rogers.

Los fiscales federales alegan que Rogers y Copeland eran miembros del grupo de milicias Three Percenters. Como prueba, señalan una calcomanía de Three Percenters que se encuentra en el vehículo de Rogers, una “tarjeta blanca de privilegio” satírica en su poder y copias de “The Anarchist Cookbook”, “US Army Improvised Munitions Handbook” y “Homemade C-4 A”. Receta para la supervivencia ‘encontrada en su negocio.

Tarjeta de Privilegio para blancos

Los fiscales dicen que Copeland se unió al ejército estadounidense en 2013, pero fue arrestado dos veces por deserción y dado de baja “que no es honorable” en noviembre de 2016.

Los dos hombres fueron “impulsados ​​por el resultado de las elecciones presidenciales de 2020” a planear un ataque que creían que desencadenaría un movimiento, afirmaron los fiscales. Según la acusación recién revelada, discutieron atacar las oficinas de Twitter o Facebook. Rogers finalmente sugirió la sede del Partido Demócrata de California en Sacramento, dijeron los fiscales.


“Quiero volar un edificio demócrata mal”, le dijo a Copeland en un mensaje de texto el 11 de enero, decía la acusación. “Estoy pensando en sacar el primer objetivo de la oficina”, escribió más tarde.

“Planea el ataque”, respondió Copeland.

“Veamos qué sucede después del 20 de que vayamos a la guerra”, es el mensaje con el que Rogers terminó la conversación, refiriéndose al día de la investidura de Biden.

En otro texto, Rogers escribió: “Espero que 45 vaya a la guerra si él no, yo lo haré”, y los fiscales interpretaron esto como una referencia al 45º presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump.

Al comentar sobre las acusaciones el jueves por la noche, el presidente del Partido Demócrata de California, Rusty Hicks, calificó la supuesta trama como “extremadamente inquietante” y dijo que “apunta a un problema más amplio de extremismo violento que es demasiado común en el discurso político actual”.

Julio 17, 2021


29 thoughts on “Dos californianos acusados en un complot descubierto por el FBI para bombardear oficinas demócratas en Sacramento”

    • Big Guesser
    • posted on July 19, 2021

    California Trumpeters are the worst

    • Anonymous
    • posted on July 18, 2021

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    • Effie D.
    • posted on July 18, 2021

    Sounds like they were planning a mostly peaceful protest.

  1. Imagine being that much of an insignificant failure of a man to where arson and terrorism become the pinnacle of your decision making abilities…

    • eva
    • posted on July 18, 2021

    Classic fools Trump lovers…..

    • Roger Romero
    • posted on July 17, 2021

    What is not covered is how the FBI got the information to perform the search warrant in the first place. Many readers here would pearl clutch at the thought that there are a few people out there like this, but would stay willfully ignorant to the absolutely invasive methods used in obtaining this information.

    1. U R an idiot

    2. Roger… DO NOT TELL ME…… You are a lefty…!!!!!

      • Mike
      • posted on July 17, 2021

      In the past few years the FBI has stopped over 260 plots contrived by far right extremists. And some of them still resulted in 91 deaths! That’s only a few people? These plots involved hundreds of individuals not just a “few”. Furthermore by your logic the FBI should also NOT try to stop pedophiles? They use similar tactics to sniff those criminals out so what’s the problem when it’s applied to terrorism? ‍♂️

    3. all they had to do was you know, not plan to do this

      1. Right LOL

        • YaggerMaster
        • posted on July 17, 2021

        All they have to do is DREAM…

    4. Chances are good there’s an informant in the militia group the two contacted, or a Proud Boy turned in the guy who submitted an online form about his plan to instigate a violent revolution, or both. Not to say the FBI won’t lie and cheat to get a warrant if they feel they need to, but in a lot of cases the people they catch are just fricken stupid.

    • Sir Robertson
    • posted on July 17, 2021

    the white privilege card is a gag gift sold by two twin conservative brothers on their website……oh and they’re black.

      • Anonymous
      • posted on July 17, 2021

      Ha ha ha ha ha 🙂

    • pitchard
    • posted on July 17, 2021

    it’s almost like we’re in a civil war. How many Dems have to die before we do something about it?

    • vlogger13
    • posted on July 17, 2021

    What a couple of sad , little weenies. Rot in prison, racists

  2. And we thought Manson was crazy, just because he wanted the murders his cult committed to trigger a race war—-which he and they would all ride out in a bus buried in the desert, after which they would emerge as the new leaders of the world.
    Manson was a pussycat in comparison to these twisted SOBs.
    Though I will say, if Manson had had the internet, like modern day white supremacist domestic terrorists, who knows how successful he could’ve been. Luckily (though not for his victims, unfortunately), he stayed local.

  3. Every now and then all then these people drop the false front and take off the masks and you see the real face of what “Make America Great Again” REALLY means. It’s the movement of racists, hate-filled wacko conspiracy nuts, etc. It means “Make America White Again” and all the minorities, “F*gs”, immigrants (Not just “illegal immigrants” as they claim but ALL non-white immigrants) “commie-liberals” etc etc should crawl back under their boot and submit to their masters. They can dress it up in all the red, white and blue flag waving and shouts of “patriotism” they want but at it’s base THAT is what the whole Trump MAGA movement is really about.

  4. Lo quieren ensuciar a Trump pero no van a poder.

    • Jimmy Conner jr.
    • posted on July 17, 2021

    This is what Trump supporters call good for the country….Just want to cry over the state of our once……okay nation.

  5. You know what they say:
    Birds gotta fly.
    Fish gotta swim.
    Trump-suckers gotta plan terrorist attacks because reality hurts their precious feelings.
    Luckily, so far they’ve been as bad at terrorism as their failed Orange God was at running the country.

  6. The orange muffin really inspired a lot of wholesome good and positive change

  7. Pipe bombs, guns and an actual plan to attack buildings and specific people but no these men are patriots right? We should ALL be able to agree that folks like this, Caesar Sayoc (cnn pipe bomb guy) and all of the Jan 6 folks who came to murder the Vice President ARE the domestic terrorists and need to be stopped and prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. History, God and even these folks children will judge these assholes and the assholes that continue to support people like this. Wake up trumpers! You are trying to tear down democracy and America!!! You are NOT patriots. You are terrorists plain and simple.

    • trev
    • posted on July 17, 2021

    Two Fucking racist braindead

    • Leelee Fugit
    • posted on July 17, 2021

    two morons, not Californias…

    • Patricio
    • posted on July 17, 2021

    Que justo, cuando se esta demostrando el Fraude en tres Estados.

    1. Tres estados de ebriedad…


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