Más de 35 años después del Top Gun original, el éxito de taquilla de Tom Cruise tendrá una secuela en forma de Top Gun: Maverick. Uniéndose a una larga lista de seguimientos muy retrasados, ¿Top Gun: Maverick podrá capturar la magia del original?

En el original, Top Gun (1986), un joven Cruise interpreta al gran (y bastante salvaje en su operar) piloto Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, mientras él y su copiloto Goose (Anthony Edwards) participan en la mejor escuela de la Marina para pilotos de combate de élite.

A Maverick le gusta llevarlo todo al límite, pero eso termina metiéndolo en problemas y su confianza se ve sacudida luego de un trágico accidente. Por supuesto, él es un héroe, el peligro de guerra y la chica bonita.

Top Gun sigue siendo un favorito de los fanáticos hasta el día de hoy, gracias a numerosos factores que incluyen un giro estelar de Tom Cruise, personajes secundarios memorables como Goose de Anthony Edwards y Iceman de Val Kilmer, melodías fantásticas de los 80 como “Danger Zone” y “Take My Breath Away” e increíbles secuencias aéreas. Hablar de una secuela ha estado dando vueltas durante años y ahora su llegada es inminente (después de algunos retrasos en el camino).

¿Cuándo es la fecha de lanzamiento de Top Gun: Maverick?
Después de algunas paradas y arranques, Top Gun: Maverick llega a los cines el 27 de mayo en los EE. UU. y el 25 de mayo en el Reino Unido, lo que lo convierte en un gran éxito de taquilla del verano de 2022.

Top Gun: Maverick se cambió a su nueva fecha de fin de semana del Día de los Caídos después de que se lanzara inicialmente en el verano de 2020. Por supuesto, se movió, junto con todos los grandes éxitos de taquilla debido a la pandemia. Los fanáticos esperaban que aterrizara en 2021, pero finalmente se retrasó hasta 2022.

Top Gun: Maverick tiene la oportunidad de despegar un poco antes, ya que la película de Tom Cruise está en el Festival de Cine de Cannes 2022 en Francia, donde el actor fue honrado por la aviación local, con una flota de jets pasando por sobre su persona.

No sabemos cuándo Top Gun: Maverick llegará a la transmisión por sistema streaming, pero podemos apostar a que debutará en Paramount Plus.

Reseñas de Top Gun: Maverick: ¿qué dicen los críticos?
El rumor sobre Top Gun: Maverick comenzó con fuerza, con las primeras reacciones después de la primera proyección pública de la película en la convención CinemaCon 2022, calificándola de “éxito de taquilla de verano perfecto” y algo que debe verse en la pantalla más grande posible. Ahora están llegando las revisiones oficiales y se hacen eco de esos primeros pensamientos.

Top Gun de What to Watch: la revisión de Maverick llama a la película una “secuela estratosférica” ​​y una que rinde homenaje al original pero también lo supera.

En cuanto a otros, Top Gun: Maverick actualmente (a partir del 12 de mayo) tiene una calificación de “Fresco” del 95% en Rotten Tomatoes y una puntuación de 81 (“Aclamación universal”) en Metacritic.



Mayo 20, 2022


47 thoughts on “TOP GUN II, Un Éxito Aguardando que Suceda”

  1. Eu amo o Tom Cruise. amo todos os filmes dele tambem

  2. I wanna see this movie so bad

  3. Maybe Hollywood will finally start producing some good movies again, unlike the crap they’ve been putting out. Tom Cruise never disappoints.

  4. Can’t wait to see it. Tom Cruise makes great movies and adrenaline is always on the menu!

  5. Take my breath away was the song of the century

  6. Tom is super smart…. he delayed the movie
    I don’t it woulda done well on pandemic times

    • Dalbert
    • posted on May 20, 2022

    Can’t wait t watch this

  7. Top Gun : Maverick, pizza, margaritas and a cute girl. You can’t ask for anything else.

  8. This movie deserves to be in theaters! Glad the studio is waiting until they are back open.

  9. All Tom Cruise movies are well manufactured

  10. I have to admit that I watched Tropic Thunder three times without realizing it was Tom Cruise playing the Les Grossman character. Then I saw his name in the credits during the fourth viewing. Watching again, I kicked myself as it is so obviously Tom Cruise, yet the strength of his performance had caused such a profound suspension of disbelief for me, that it had also disabled my ability to recognize such a familiar face. It may sound farcical, but he deserved an award for that film, if not an Oscar. Comedy created by playing a straight role is an extremely difficult thing to get right. I have become a fan, and admirer of this superb actor now. Respect to you Sir. Cannot wait to see this new Top Gun.

  11. Counting the days….

    • Petey
    • posted on May 19, 2022

    Looks to give a lot of fan love Nostalgia from the 1st one which makes it that much more awesome. Hope the story is good to give it a worth while ride. Can’t wait. I still watch the 1st one all the time. Before word of the sequel!!

  12. Tan bello el

  13. Actorazo y hace peliculas barbaras

  14. The film hasn’t been released yet, and I can tell you that I will be buying this movie on 4k disc!
    Tom’s nearly 60 years old and Tom Cruise is STILL a badass!

  15. Why Kelly McGillis is not in this sequel? —-> Kelly McGillis

    1. U so mean LOL 🙂

      1. Kelly retired in 2002
        she was sick and tired of Hollywood.

    2. Ooops hahaha

    3. Kelly said she understood why…

      1. Exactly. She said she prefer to rise her daughters and far away from showbiz

        1. she was super-hot tho……….

  16. You just have to love Tom Cruise for his passion for movies.

  17. When the original came out I was already in the Air Force at the time. We thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The movie had everything in it. Beautiful girls, beaches, bars, fights, and jets, jets , jets. I hope this one lives up the hype. I get concern when they make a sequel and I see the same camera shots (i.e. volleyball match, the instructor introduction, the piano playing, the motorcycle, etc. I hope this isn’t a bad attempt at just making Top Gun 1 all over again. The first one was great, make the second one great…but on it’s own, not trying to live off the memories of the first.

      • Lloyd Justice
      • posted on May 19, 2022

      I don’t remember any fights in the original? I do remember Iceman always trying to get a rise out of Maverick though. The closest thing to a fight was Mavrick grabbing the pilot with the rising sun helmet+giving him a little jerk for …”We had him man…we had him” Grab “I’ll fire when I’m God damn good and ready, you got that?!!”

      • Kevin Sheldom from West Virginia
      • posted on May 19, 2022

      I saw the first Top Gun while I was training as a Nuclear Reactor Operator in Idaho Falls at the S1W prototype reactor. Yep, the very first one for the 575. I went on to serve on the USS Carl Vinson for 7 years. I loved putting my hands on the F14, F18, S6, A-7, EA-7 and EA-6B’s in the hanger bay. 3 WestPacs and a PacEx. It was my pleasure to help move that big a** ship through the water, and generate steam to launch all those great aircraft. 35 years later, I still consider my experience as a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve. The best men and women the US has to offer. I think this will be a great film that showcases what it means to carry on tradition. My Dad was recently inducted in the French Legion of Honor for his heroism in liberating Alsace back up to the Rhine River in WW2. He inspired me, and I hope these films inspire a new generation of Americans to put their country first and become a member of a very exclusive club. My best to all Americans and God Bless.

    1. I am a fan of Top Gun. Love the music. I hope they do something similar.

    • Colin Perry
    • posted on May 19, 2022

    Can’t wait to see this. Probably the only movie I would pay to watch at home if not released in the theatre.

    1. Yes, the only movie I will risk my life for (due to the new Covid19 wave)

  18. 1st movie didnt have black actors 2nd one has to many. Hope it doesn’t have propaganda in it

  19. La musica de la primer peli era genial

    1. Tom Cruise es hermoso

  20. GOOSE’S SON: “My dad had a moustache so I have a moustache.”

  21. the darkstar plane looks so real the chinese took a look at it with their spy sats cause they thought it was real

  22. Tom is pushing 60 and still hot

      • zoe
      • posted on May 19, 2022


  23. “stuck” at Captain in the Navy…that’s literally an O-6, step before Rear Admiral. Most people never get any higher than that.

  24. not a real big Tom Cruise fan… Think he’s a dork that runs funny… But I did love Top Gun and this looks to be a worthy sequel. The footage looks amazing… Looking forward to seeing it. Hope they left some awesomeness not shown in the trailers.

    1. Think what you want to about Tom Cruise.
      He is beyond a doubt a very professional actor and works his ass off, to perfect his craft.
      You HAVE to respect that.

      1. He is a great actor and a perfectionist

        1. he’s the best

          1. Not a great actor, but decent actor

    • Anonymous
    • posted on May 19, 2022

    Can’t freaking wait to see this movie

  25. This movie looks like a fitting sequel to the original! Some of these aviation scenes look like they were filmed in what is called the Jedi Transition, also known as Star Wars Canyon, in Death Valley, CA. Do yourself a favor and search for it on YouTube to see some amazing videos of all sorts of Navy and Air Force aircraft flying that canyon. Incredible pilots doing incredible things!

    1. At this point, NO ONE CARES about this movie, it’s been held back for so long that the hype as already died out for its anticipated release, they kept blue balling us at everytime they would post a release date and then change it

        • Tiger John
        • posted on May 19, 2022

        It’s a big world, pal…
        I DO CARE
        I want to watch this movie.


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