La activista y actriz de Hollywood, Susan Sarandon, fue detenida en el Capitolio de Nueva York por alterar el orden público luego de que formara parte de una protesta que pretendía exigir mejoras en los derechos laborales y salariales de los meseros.

De acuerdo con varios medios internacionales, Sarandon fue arrestada el pasado lunes 8 de mayo, junto a varias personas más del grupo de activistas Por un Salario Justo, que buscan incrementar el sueldo mínimo del personal de servicio, mismo que desde 2016 no ha sido tomada.

Incluso, ya circulan algunas imágenes del momento en el que la actriz es esposada y llevada por un oficial de policía hasta la comisaria, donde pasó poco más de dos horas, ya que, tras pagar una multa fue puesta en libertad.

Tras estos hechos, el Departamento de Policía del estado de Nueva York informó, a través de un boletín oficial, que en varias ocasiones se les pidió a los manifestantes que se retiraran de lugar; sin embargo, no sólo se negaron rotundamente a dispersarse; sino que ellos mismos solicitaron su arresto, por lo que los oficiales tuvieron que proceder.

A la actriz de “Bull Durham” y  “Desde mi cielo”, y al resto de los activistas se les levantaron cargos de alteración al orden público, así que tendrán que regresar al lugar para comparecer ante el Tribunal de la Ciudad de Albany, pero la fecha de la audiencia así como la cantidad exacta de la fianza aún no han sido reveladas.

Mayo 16, 2023


10 thoughts on “Susan Sarandon, detenida en New York”

    • Gurl X
    • posted on May 16, 2023

    She is worried about social issues. I find that a good thing

  1. Do you know how many people will lose their jobs if this happens? Tipped servers already make the equivalent of $4-5 more an hour with good tips, and this will ruin that for them. I’ll use them for example. I was a cook/chef and sometimes a Kitchen manager for 18 years, so I would see hours. Servers tend to work about 10-20% of the time on their shifts while the cooks, managers, and even bartenders tend to work 80-100% of their shifts. Minus breaks. Most of the time they tend to make more than cooks do, who tend do the most work. 3 servers can do the work of 10 servers. 1 server can do the work of 4 servers. Get the point? If I were Sarandon, I’d be fighting for them to not have to claim tips to the Govt long before a wage hike of like a couple dollars more that is taxed, plus forcing them to claim ALL their tips for taxing. Most don’t claim all now as manager see the low hourly, so don’t focus on their tips. But would most likely have to do so if this happens. There is just no extra money here with this idea. Its a lose, lose contract. Or they will lose their jobs as employers may not be able to afford the extra. Cuomo wanted to take tipping away and give them just minimum. This is where this going because of people like Sarandon. No offense meant. This is the truth at least for servers.

  2. I’m sure she thought it was a worthy cause, however, I waited tables throughout college and was paid $2.14 an hour and I made well over $30 an hour on tips. She is uninformed. It’s not plausible for the businesses to pay that much for waitstaff. The tips hold them accountable to do their job correctly because their pay is directly affected by performance of responsibilities. If you don’t like it, then don’t wait tables… staff that doesn’t earn tips, should get paid a reasonable salary. If someone is working in the largest populated city in America and get earn tips enough to make $30+ an hour, are they even working?

    • Harry o.
    • posted on May 16, 2023

    Susan Sarandon has balls

    1. Oh yeah. She’s the Jane Fonda of this time

    • Fede soriano
    • posted on May 16, 2023

    Las minas se la banca más q los tipos

  3. someone get adam sandler and andy samberg to visit her in jail

  4. She is iconic

    • sky leonard
    • posted on May 15, 2023

    She has her values & stands by them. I support that & think restaurants should pay staff more. Eating out isn’t a right, it’s an experience & ppl should pay for the experience. Otherwise, eat at home. & If an eatery doesn’t provide a good experience, avoid it, cuz what’s the point? You’ll be let down as a patron & you’ll get crap pay as a staff member.

    • Mike Epstein
    • posted on May 15, 2023

    She’s so badass ❤


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