La banda estadounidense de rock Aerosmith anunció este lunes que realizará una última gira, llamada ‘Peace Out’, este otoño. La gira de despedida, de 40 paradas en Norteamérica, comenzará el 2 de septiembre en Filadelfia (EE.UU.) y concluirá el 26 de enero de 2024 en Montreal (Canadá).

“¡No es un adiós, es un hasta luego! Prepárate y camina por aquí, vas a tener el mejor espectáculo de nuestras vidas”, declararon los Aerosmith en un comunicado. La gira no incluirá a todos los miembros de la banda, ya que el batería Joey Kramer decidió que no participaría en la gira “para centrar toda su atención en la familia y la salud”.

Mayo 4, 2023


15 thoughts on “¿Adiós Aerosmith?”

    • Lucie Keighley
    • posted on May 5, 2023

    The best of the best

  1. Aerosmith es uno de los grandes

  2. I’ve seen this band in the 70s and 90s just the fantastic but if you look at the ticket prices you have to take out a first mortgage on you home to afford them just the cheapest tickets at the BOK center starting at over 400 dollars each these older band don’t need the money each member is worth over 100 million dollars they owe the fans that made them so rich who most of are senior them selfs just like them cheaper tickets

    1. New tour name suggestions: “Pay This Way”, or “We’re Back In Your Wallet Again”, or “Fan Looks Like a Victim” or “Pay On”. The prices are retarded. $1750.00 for a nose bleed floor seat.

      1. Well then don’t go and stop whining, tickets aren’t even on sale and even if they were expensive, it’s their last tour

        1. Well played, girl

            • luv
            • posted on May 4, 2023


    • jack alexander
    • posted on May 4, 2023

    Alicia Silverstone should’ve been in this!

      • emily
      • posted on May 4, 2023

      Alicia rocks

    • Lee
    • posted on May 4, 2023

    Dream on with the love in an elevator as you were the last child , with sweet emotions.

  3. No way I’m missing this!

    • Chris
    • posted on May 4, 2023

    Aerosmith will rock for all eternity…
    Sending positive vibes to all from the Windy City

    • Izzy
    • posted on May 4, 2023

    So sad… one of my favs.

      • Ali
      • posted on May 4, 2023

      Me too… a portion of my entire family lived tru their songs

        • Syren
        • posted on May 4, 2023

        they come to an end


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