Crecimiento masivo de algas marinas de 5,000 millas de ancho y 13 millones de toneladas camino a Florida


Si bien este tipo de algas marinas es normal, tener tanto a principios de año no lo es. En alta mar, grandes mantos flotantes de algas sargassum pueden proporcionar un hábitat para más de cien especies de peces. Sin embargo, una vez en tierra, es antiestético y tiene un olor muy desagradable y también contiene arsénico.

“Esta es nuestra preocupación este año: normalmente comenzamos a verlo llegar en grandes cantidades en mayo, alcanzando su punto máximo en julio, pero vimos que esto comenzó a aumentar de diciembre a enero”, dijo Brian LaPointe, profesor de investigación de Florida que ha estado estudiando las algas marrones flotantes desde la década de 1980. “Durante eones, ha circulado entre el Golfo de México”, dijo LaPointe. “Viene alrededor de Florida a través de la corriente circular, sube a la corriente del golfo hacia el Atlántico norte”.

Este cinturón de algas sargassum está creciendo. Con 5000 millas de ancho y 13 millones de toneladas de algas marinas, duplica las estimaciones tradicionales de lo que es “normal”.

“Algunos se han referido a ella como la ‘mancha’ que se está moviendo hacia el Caribe y hacia nosotros”, dijo LaPointe. “Todavía pasarán semanas o meses antes de que la mayor parte de las algas sargassum lleguen a nuestras costas”.

La organización Keep Brevard Beautiful (mantener Brevard bella) dijo que están monitoreando los primeros informes de algas en las playas y que estarán listos para actuar si es necesario. En cuanto a la cantidad de algas que crecen, es probable que el aumento de los niveles de nitrógeno de los fertilizantes y las aguas residuales que corren de los ríos a los océanos esté causando que grandes áreas de algas crezcan rápidamente.

Marzo 25, 2023


24 thoughts on “Crecimiento masivo de algas marinas de 5,000 millas de ancho y 13 millones de toneladas camino a Florida”

    • Jimbo
    • posted on March 23, 2023

    Excellent info

  1. use it as fertilizer, a great business opportunity.

    • Dean Scala
    • posted on March 23, 2023

    This coud be great for farmers

    • Chappy
    • posted on March 23, 2023

    We are living in the days Egyptian Plagues …. And the tribulation hasn’t even started.

    • michael delucca
    • posted on March 23, 2023

    You have to be careful for agricultural use due to the fact that it contains high levels of arsenic.

    • Susana
    • posted on March 23, 2023


  2. As someone who currently lives in Florida, works with Marine animals (& animals in general, for 20+ years), & is married to a doctor, I hope I can clear up some things about this large mass of Sargassum. (Because, some GOOD things can be done to benefit many Marine organizations, using the sargassum!)
    1). The large masses of sargassum become something to worry about in certain circumstances. Some of these circumstances include:
    when the sargassum masses become so big, causing a shadow to cast on the ocean floor (this is especially problematic in more shallow areas, where coral is present, as the lack of sunlight can quickly kill coral & marine plants). Additionally, when the large masses of sargassum become so compacted next to each other, smaller fish & aquatic animals cannot break through to get through to the surface for air.
    2). One sargassum has washed ashore, that’s when it becomes a problem. It’s a type of algae, that needs to stay in the water. Out of the water, it starts to decompose, and it does this by releasing hydrogen sulfide, which literally smells like rotting eggs . It’s not pleasant at all, & it takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks to decompose.
    GOOD things. . .
    1). Sargassum is eaten by a variety of Marine wildlife, including the Green Sea Turtle, Eels, White Marlins, Manatees, various whales, dolphins, Mahi Mahi, various sharks, shrimps, crabs, various fish, etc. Also, in regards to Green Sea Turles, they not only eat sargassum, but they often lay their eggs on top of the seaweed algae; so, it’s kinda like a house AND a restaurant for them.
    2). Not just Marine animals benefit from sargassum! Farm animals such as goats, cows, & pigs also benefit from having sargassum added to their silage/fodder. It’s a great way to make organic animal feed!
    If you live in Florida and have a boat, or know someone who lives in Florida with a boat, PLEASE recognize all the potential good that sargassum can bring, BEFORE it washes ashore. Fill a few buckets up with it (make sure to keep it wet, thought), and then donate it to a Marine Sancutary/Rescue. Or, if you’re a farmer or knows a farmer that could use some organic animal feed and knows how to prepare their own silage/fodder, take them some buckets full of sargassum as well (again, keep it wet, so it doesn’t decompose).

    • trev
    • posted on March 23, 2023

    John Carpenter’s horror movie in the making

  3. Anything in abundance can be made into a resource with willpower, effort and thought

  4. Needs to be gathered up and taken to farmland and spread in the fields and mixed into the soil.

  5. that blob Smells bad… 🙂

    1. A Smelly Blob?
      Sounds like my ex-wife

      1. hah ha ha 🙂
        You married Velma too? LOL

  6. Make the world’s largest seaweed aquarium to produce sea turtles fish crabs starfish etc etc etc.

    • Sloane Meara
    • posted on March 23, 2023

    It is an important fish habitat that provides food and refuge for fish, birds, crabs, shrimp, sea turtles , tuna and many other marine organisms……ie: Important to human survival as well.
    So, Florida has to allow a time for replenishment and survival to sustain the food chain…….. that’s nature.
    Hopefully, sanity will prevail and allow this to happen.

    1. Sargassum seaweed is not harmful to humans.

        • Ross tanner
        • posted on March 23, 2023

        It’s a organic organism.

        1. It’s Florida SEAWEED..very normal..and NO…u can’t smoke it for a buzz. Just great for the fish, seabirds, and yes,,.the Fisherman

          1. It’s great when it’s in the ocean. It’s only when it’s done it’s cycle and washes up on the beach to decompose that it becomes a nuisance. Bring on the dozers and dump trucks

          2. Take it makes supplement or make bio diesel.

          3. ‘Massive Smelly Blob” is clearly a reference to Trump and his GOP. face-green-smiling

          4. The odor is repulsive

          5. We do trillions of trillions of dollars in debt, and it’s supposed to be for our roads and structures and all that but yet we see trains derailing by the Dozen and we got this big thing that’s been slowly moving forward and watching it come and you do nothing. Stop spending money on wasteful stuff like Nancy’s personal Subway or name and a library after Nancy

          6. If it does come ashore how about collecting it as fertilizer for oranges and tomatoes?


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