Greta Thunberg detenida en protesta por carbón en Alemania


La activista climática Greta Thunberg fue detenida por la policía en una protesta frente a un pueblo del oeste de Alemania. Ella había estado protestando con activistas que buscaban evitar que el pueblo abandonado de Lützerath fuera demolido para la expansión de una mina de carbón. La policía le dijo a Thunberg que no fue arrestada y que sería liberada después de verificar su identificación.

La Srta. Thunberg fue detenida después de que un grupo “corriera hacia la cornisa” de la mina Garzweiler 2, dijo la policía. También confirmaron que todos los detenidos en el grupo serían liberados sin cargos una vez que se verificara su identidad.

Los activistas argumentan que la quema de carbón socava los esfuerzos de Alemania para reducir las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero. El gobierno se ha comprometido a adelantar la eliminación del carbón en Renania del Norte-Westfalia, el estado en el que se encuentra la mina, hasta 2030. El objetivo nacional es 2038. El lignito es la forma más sucia de carbón, y el área alrededor de Lützerath produce 25 millones de toneladas cada año.

Se espera que el pueblo, propiedad de la empresa de energía RWE después de que los residentes lo abandonaran, sea el último en ser demolido para la mina de lignito. La compañía de energía ha dicho que el carbón debajo del pueblo se necesitará tan pronto como este invierno.

Los organizadores de la protesta dijeron que asistieron alrededor de 35.000 manifestantes el sábado, mientras que la policía dijo que el número se acercaba a los 15.000. La policía dijo que había logrado sacar a todos los activistas de la ciudad durante el fin de semana. Las imágenes del domingo mostraron a la Sra. Thunberg y a otros manifestantes siendo trasladados por la policía.

Enero 18, 2023


57 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg detenida en protesta por carbón en Alemania”

    • Patricio
    • posted on January 19, 2023

    ¿NO ME VAN A DECIR QUE SE LO CREYERON? Confío en que no os hubiérais tomado demasiado en serio la detención de Greta Thumberg. Hay video en este sitio de como prepararon la escena. Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja. Nos toman el pelo.

  1. In 2021, China added 33 Gigawatts of new coal-fired electric power plant capacity – over ONE HALF of the world’s new coal-fired capacity; that 33 Gigawatts is equivalent to one-third of the US nuclear power plant fleet . . . that new Chinese coal-fired capacity alone is nearly equal to the entire German coal-fired power plant fleet (37.5 Gigawatts).
    China has nearly 30x more coal-fired power generation (1,074 Gigawatts) than Germany. Chinese capacity impacts
    a) directly a far greater mass of humanity in China’s 1.3 billion people, and
    b) indirectly a greater percentage of the world population by spewing, more so than any other nation, less-constrained, scrubbed or otherwise mitigated fossil fuel emissions & greenhouse gases into the planet’s atmosphere,
    thus making CHINA the most significant source for exacerbating the purported “climate crisis.”
    One must therefore ask the question: Why isn’t Little Greta being FAR more vocal toward China, and taking her field trips to protest these new and existing Chinese coal-fired power plants?

  2. German police is usually quite friendly when they blow up a “sitting blockade” – at least when the press is around. Funny is, 3 officers are necessary to lift up the 50 kg (I don’t know how much pounds it is, 110?) light Greta.
    Normally one big officer grabs your back and push you to the side.
    The “village” LuetzerathIt was more like one farm with 3 bigger and 4 smaller houses.. Germany turned into a RWE-police-State last weekend.
    The global warming – the heated winter
    They just didn’t used that many machines this year to create “artificial snow”
    However – a huge Green Peace transformation show is running in Germany.

  3. Climate change activists need to turn off their heat, their lights, their phones and either walk or ride a bicycle to their protests if they are really serious about climate change and they also need to start more protests in China & India.

  4. Why are they posing for pictures!? Are we supposed to believe this is real?

  5. People who are giving negative comments, At least Greta and the others were there ( some of them were beaten badly, you can see it if you have eyes) protested internationally for the wellbeing of 7.9 billion peoples right to live in a clean weather, and you also want it, but you shy to accept the reality. Some smile is not that smile you used too.

  6. I do not support Greta but there was no need to exploit more coal and evict entire towns from their lands, if Germany had a neutral foreign policy and not be an American bootlicker, it would not have put sanctions against Russia and could enjoy Russian energy supplies.

    • Masse
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    Well, Greta, instead of going to Germany on an ego trip what about what is going on in your own backyard?
    Europe’s largest deposit of rare earths – which are used from mobile phones to missiles – has been found in Sweden.
    The discovery is also being seen as “decisive” for mobiles, hard drives and trains. But they are also important military equipment like missile guidance systems.
    Extraction is both difficult and potentially damaging to the environment, producing billions of tones in CO2 in their production.
    Demand for them is expected to increase five fold by 2030.
    Swedish Energy Minister Ebba Busch said the EU was “way too dependent on other countries for these materials” and insisted a change was needed.
    “Electrification, the EU’s self-sufficiency in Lithium and rare earths will soon be more important than oil and gas,”
    The Swedish LKAB mining company CEO Jan Mostrom called on authorities to speed up the process, “to ensure increased mining of this type of raw material in Europe”

  7. This doesn’t look staged at all for media publicity

  8. I think she is doing something good

    • G. L.
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    Everyone posing for pictures at the end. Greta gets more “street cred” with the left, police get more “street cred” with the right. Win-Win for everyone. They’re all giving each other hand slaps once the cameras stop rolling.

  9. The fact the police were gentle and respectful with her rather than manhandling her is admirable, especially given that being on the ASD spectrum, she likely is quite sensitive to that sort of thing. The respect for her boundaries is clear, and I think that’s lovely… this young woman is such an inspiring force for positive change in the world. I really admire her tenacity.

  10. She took a plane and a taxi to get there.. real genius this one.

    1. Didn’t she walk?

    • Nirvana
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    it’s coal or Russian NatGas. The unfortunate thing is the overall quality of a German coal is by far some of the worst in fuel efficiency and emissions.

      • Good Doctor
      • posted on January 18, 2023

      But publicity is good there

    1. Does she protest on her own country?

  11. Who pays her bills and rent? who pays her travel expenses?

      • Julie
      • posted on January 18, 2023

      Mummy and Daddy, of course !

        • patricio andreatta
        • posted on January 18, 2023

        George Soros.

        1. Tiene varios financieros ricos conocidos, incluidos Bono y Bill y Melissa Gates. Y por supuesto, no es sorpresa, el del oligarca multimillonario George Soros, conocido por su especulación con mercados de valores y tal vez incluso más prominente como el padre de la red activista y de lobby global, radical y de izquierda liberal “Open Society”, que apoya a miles de personas de varias ONG

  12. She chose the trendiest cause to maximize her publicity.

  13. how she travels that much without carbon footprint?
    She was against nuclear now against coal??
    where is the logic?

    1. No logic.

    • 4 Real
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    The police claimed all the other protestors would also be released without official arrest or charges

  14. bad acting everywhere.

  15. How dare you!.. How dare you!.. How dare you!

    1. Ha hahaha 🙂

    • Nemo
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    Esta piba viene a aca y se vuelve loca con los piqueteros que supimos conseguir

  16. Environ 60% de l’électricité mondiale est produite par la combustion de combustibles fossiles. Certes, les centrales renouvelables et nucléaires fournissent un pourcentage progressivement croissant, mais si nous tombions à 40 % de notre capacité actuelle, l’économie mondiale serait gravement touchée, le fardeau retombant principalement sur le quart le plus riche de la population mondiale, qui consomme l’énergie à des taux de plusieurs ordres de grandeur plus élevés que tout le monde. Dans quelle mesure votre mode de vie, cher lecteur, dépend-il de l’électricité ? Beaucoup, je pense, et même si vous êtes assez clairvoyant pour avoir installé des cellules solaires sur le toit, vous consommez toujours Internet et des services de streaming et financiers dépendants d’une électricité stable. Avec des services de données inégaux ou inexistants, une grande partie de l’économie mondiale ralentirait ou s’arrêterait. Pire, la quasi-totalité des transports dans le monde fonctionne aux combustibles fossiles. Greta Thunberg peut prendre des ascenseurs sur des yachts pour ses besoins de voyage intercontinentaux, mais ce n’est tout simplement pas faisable pour le reste d’entre nous. Nous volons à l’international, notre transport océanique brûle du pétrole, et à part l’étrange Tesla, notre transport routier fonctionne majoritairement au diesel ou à l’essence. Retirez chaque voiture, bus et camion de la route, que se passe-t-il ?
    Eh bien, d’une part, les gens meurent de faim. Comment la nourriture passe-t-elle de la ferme au marché ? Nos systèmes de distribution s’effondreraient et des milliards de personnes mourraient.
    Le commerce international cesserait. Tous ces navires brûlent du pétrole et transportent des conteneurs dans le monde entier. Comment une nation prospère-t-elle si ses produits ou produits ne peuvent pas être déplacés là où les gens les achèteront ?
    Et puis il y a la sécurité mondiale… Hormis quelques sous-marins nucléaires et porte-avions, tous les avions, véhicules et navires militaires fonctionnent aux produits pétroliers. Et quelle est l’utilité d’un porte-avions nucléaire sans avion, de toute façon ? Pas de marine, pas d’aviation et une armée qui doit marcher partout. Cela signifierait peut-être que la guerre moderne prendrait fin – une bonne chose, sûrement ? — mais aucune nation n’abandonnera de son plein gré sa force de défense. Surtout si les insurgés et les terroristes ne se sentent pas obligés de jouer selon les mêmes règles. Le Moyen-Orient possède de vastes gisements de pétrole et des raffineries. Je suis sûr qu’ils en garderaient quelques-uns pour poursuivre des stratégies de guerre alternatives.

  17. I hope this will help bring attention to this issue and help to stop the expansion of coal infrastructure. Germany made a huge mistake shutting down their nuclear plants after Fukushima and made yet another mistake when they didn’t reopen them when they needed more energy, choosing the far worse, dirtier, deadlier coal instead.

  18. Someone who cares about the environment, someone who doesn’t care what others say.
    Someone whose voice is heard throughout the world without a sound.

    • El Hombre de al lado
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    Biografía de Greta: “Ella puede ver el dióxido de carbono a simple vista. Ella ve cómo sale de las chimeneas y cambia la atmósfera en un vertedero”.
    El CO2, por supuesto, no es visible para nadie.

  19. I remember when the circus would come to our town, so glad it’s still a profession, the world needs clowns

    1. She should be home, doing homework

    • Lloyd Munro
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    She’s like I want more publicity, make a photo shoot of me appearing to be arrested.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Bart Simpson
      • posted on January 18, 2023

      This is Greta’s career now. Good for her. I think it will pay very well jumping on causes, getting arrested for press, speaking engagements, etc… She’s getting older but working hard to build cred now when youth is her diminishing asset.

      1. She is very brave. She could be wrong, but she has balls.

          • Rock Bentley
          • posted on January 18, 2023

          I drink to that

      2. She can do whatever she wants. Greta is not Russian.

    1. She got famous quicker than Kim Kardashian

    • Quint
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    Greta does not understand how the world works

  20. These kids should be in Brazil saving the rain forest. The lungs of the world.

    1. So many places to save !!!

  21. This should get her Bachelor in Activism degree so she can start working on the Master’s.

      • Matt
      • posted on January 18, 2023

      At least, she tries

      1. Absolutely.

  22. True justice would’ve been to hose them down with freezing water and to release the hounds. But what can you do when the matrix has your back

    • Complications
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    If we give up coal, the world would stop

    1. That’s right

      • Theros
      • posted on January 18, 2023

      It’s gonna take time

  23. Amazing how she gets all over the world in her hot air balloon and canoe.

    1. I suspect the latitude of Stockholm is too extreme to make solar panels worthwhile. That means she’s plugging her Nissan Leaf (which itself has a big carbon footprint) into a socket for electricity generated by coal or natural gas. Less than half the electricity produced in Sweden is from hydroelectric facilities. She should be encouraging negative population growth instead.

        • charlie mingo
        • posted on January 18, 2023

        That’s a mystery

    • Buga
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    Esta piba despierta amor u odio, no hay termino medio.

  24. Se ve tan feliz de que la policía se la lleve. Supongo que es un día maravilloso en su carrera como activista. ¡Guau!

    • Clem 78hh
    • posted on January 18, 2023

    To quote Homer Simpson, “Big deal, I’ve been carried out of bars like that several times”.


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