La gasolina en EE.UU. alcanzará su pico en el verano de 2023



Los conductores en Estados Unidos deben prepararse para precios de la gasolina que subirán y alcanzarán su pico anual durante el próximo verano, advirtió una analista senior especializada en el comportamiento de los precios del petróleo a nivel mundial.

La clave estará en la demanda que se tenga en China para ese momento, consideró Rebecca Babin, analista senior de Energía de CIBC Private Wealth, en una entrevista con Yahoo Finance.

Babin detalló que los precios actuales y futuros de las mezclas de referencia a nivel internacional se están moviendo hacia arriba, lo que ha comenzado a encarecer el galón de gasolina para los conductores en Estados Unidos.

Según la analista, el pico en el precio de la gasolina en Estados Unidos lo sentirán los conductores cuando visiten la bomba para el verano, cuando, además, algunos combustibles se encarecen por una reformulación.

“Debemos prepararnos para un verano que no será tranquilo y tampoco lo será en los precios en la bomba”, apuntó Babin.

“Disfrutaría los precios ahora y me prepararía para precios más altos en el verano”, abundó la analista.

El precio de la gasolina ha comenzado a fluctuar en los últimos días con alzas relativamente pequeñas, pero por semanas constantes.

Hasta este martes, el precio promedio del galón de gasolina se ubicó en $3.40 dólares; mientras que, por estados, Hawái mantiene los precios promedio más altos en $4.88 dólares por galón, seguido por California con un precio promedio de $4.73 dólares en promedio.

En 2022, el precio promedio de la gasolina alcanzó un récord en junio pasado, cuando su costo en la bomba llegó a $5 dólares a nivel nacional y empujó la inflación anual al 9.1% en ese mismo mes, el pico inflacionario del año pasado.

En enero pasado, los precios de la gasolina tuvieron un incremento del 2.4% en su comparativo mes a mes y del 1.5% en su comparativo anual, de acuerdo con el reporte inflacionario de la Oficina de Estadísticas Laborales (BLS).

El pronóstico del aumento de los precios de la gasolina en Estados Unidos durante el verano coincidirá con un aumento de la demanda de petróleo en China.

Los precios se habían mantenido bajos hasta el cierre de 2022 por los confinamientos persistentes en China por nuevos brotes de COVID-19; sin embargo, a partir de la apertura, su economía retomó el ritmo y el consumo de petróleo aumentó.

“La razón de esto es que va a coincidir con el momento en que la demanda china realmente aumente”, apuntó la analista de Energía de CIBC Private Wealth.

Por lo pronto, los futuros del Brent se acercaban a los $86 dólares por barril, mientras que el crudo de referencia West Texas intermediate ya se veía en más de $80 dólares por barril en la apertura de la semana.

Ambas mezclas subieron más del 8% durante la semana pasada, precisamente impulsadas por la reapertura de la economía en China.

febrero 23, 2023


29 thoughts on “La gasolina en EE.UU. alcanzará su pico en el verano de 2023”

    • Carl Baker
    • posted on February 24, 2023

    I am working to pay my rent and gas, that’s it

    • kiersten boubbard
    • posted on February 24, 2023

    Enough is enough. The government has to do something about it

  1. Gas price is insane… but Biden seems not to care

    • Pam
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    Wakeup America . Time to get out there and protest against oil company.

  2. Wha a disaster Joe has done. If we don’t start buying more electric cars then the gas prices will continue to rise as punishment. CA.GOV

    • She
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    Lol Cali law makers will “investigate” the cause of the spike in gas ⛽️ price. They going to investigate themselves? The laws they created for “clean energy” & refuses to suspend the gas tax is all on them. I got the most dumb law makers up in Sacramento on the face of this planet with no common sense.

    • Harpo
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    Gas! Is going up again!
    Next, there will be a politician who will say something about gas prices, then if it goes down, peace and quiet again! Then repeat!
    An ongoing cycle! Refinery maintenance, or all the reasons they can think about = is profit!
    A never-ending cycle or reason and so on and on!

  3. Yeah it was 5 dollars the last two days , it went upto 612 today .

      • michael tempo
      • posted on February 23, 2023

      I can pay for that

      • Anonymous
      • posted on February 24, 2023

      6.30 here is Seattle

  4. California’s gas tax is what, ~54 cents/ gallon ? Most other states are in the ~20-40 cent/ gallon range. That’s ~30 cents/ gallon. We’re talking $2+/gallon here. Taxes just aren’t to blame.

    • pete
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    The KM Pipeline flow from the Permian Basin to Southern California has been reduced. Your share of gasoline has been redirected because of the gasoline powered car ban.
    Your foreign oil imports will be reduced also if it hasn’t been already.
    Your natural gas from Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico and Texas will be redirected to Baja Mexico for export to the Asian markets beginning next year when they complete their first LNG export terminal.
    Texas has already built 12 new pipelines from the Permian to the gulf coast.
    Your petroleum days are numbered.

  5. According to the Energy Information Administration, gas inventory is at its lowest point in about a decade. Experts also say there has been unplanned refinery maintenance.

  6. Without diesel fuel, that means NO delivery of groceries and other goods. Truckers will not be able to work and will not be able to make deliveries. Diesel fueled trains will NOT be able to run. Yet Bitler continues to fiddle like Nero. He keeps saying the economy is good. Yeah. Right. BTW, for regular gas: Two days ago, $3.55, Today I payed $4.00

    • Heading West
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    I own several oil and gas corporation stocks, I enjoy this

  7. When you have an administration more worried about social antics than its own nation’s needs you get a economic disaster like this. Especially when they spend trillions on ridiculous useless bills and a war that Europe should be helping more with.

  8. Inflation under Trump was 1.4%. 6.5% isn’t much better than 8.5% and rising gas prices will push that back up. Re-open Keystone pipeline. That’s the main reason why gas jumped after Sniffy took office. We have to depend on other countries now to sell us their oil.

  9. To obtain financial freedom, one must either be a business owner, an investor or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis.

    • Carl Stone X-78
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    Here in NYC 70% of every gas dollar goes to taxes so no one can tell me I don’t pay taxes

    • Relax
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    I am selling my car
    Uber is cheaper

      • v
      • posted on February 23, 2023

      Me too

  10. you guys are lucky, lowest price this winter in UK was $6.93 a US gallon. Our gasoline has a 70% government tax on it. Add too that our natural gas and electricity prices have tripled together with interest on mortgages has risen by 200%. Thats why we are the poor man of Europe.

    • American Trucker
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    I was about to complain about the cost of Diesel increasing where I live in Texas, but after seeing that $4.95

  11. So, some people seem to think the FED has inflation under control, it’s at 6.5% as of December, remember winter months usually mean lower sales, now fuel prices are rising, they have been rising since the FED did the 50 basis points hike instead of the 75, are up over 50% in my area at least, so, if fuel prices are increasing, it stands to reason inflation could start increasing again, it still not at that 2% target the FED wants and not to mention the high reset for goods, products or services

    • dream reader
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    They make it so high that when it goes down to 3 dollars a gallon you think it’s cheap lol

    • Mark Gordon
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    I saw this and I was surprised. For me gas prices is at an all time low under 4 bucks here in California at least the place I go. I was paying normally about 4.30 in 2019 before the pandemic

    1. I dont believe its true

    • hanna banana1986
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    Because it immediately affects their level of living, people are impacted by inflation far more swiftly than they are by a stock or real estate market disaster. It is hardly surprising that market sentiment is as gloomy as it is right now. We are in desperate need of your help if we are to survive in this economy.

    • Thanks Uncle Brandon
    • posted on February 23, 2023

    I have to add 35 bucks on my budget on gas this month.
    its 420 more in a year
    Not cool.


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