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Dear President-Elect Trump,


My name is Claudio Kussman and  I am a 71 year-old former Commissioner of Police of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina – where I currently live. I am writing to you because I believe you are my only hope.


Last May, I watched an interview with you on CNBC where you basically said that if the United States were not careful and did not make the right choices for the Supreme Court, that it could end up becoming like Argentina. Obviously, this reference shows what all Argentinians already know – that no ordinary citizen wants an oppressive government. Unfortunately for me and my family, this oppression is all too real and personal.


I’ve been an illegal prisoner in Argentina since November 28, 2014, falsely accused for and wrongly named in crimes against humanity. Of course, you would expect me to say that I was falsely accused, after all, most accused people claim their innocence. But in Argentina, being falsely accused is the small part of the problem. The much bigger problem is that in Argentina, being accused and being convicted produces the exact same result: You go to jail – and you stay there until you rot or die. But what about a trial you may ask – the answer is, there is no trial, only jail. Imagine living in a country where a person only has to be accused of a crime and you are imaging living in Argentina.


Besides myself, there are more than 2,000 other men in the same situation and all of these men are from either the military, special security forces or police departments. There were originally more men, but 384 have already died in prison (43 of which died since President Mauricio Macri has taken office). Many men are incarcerated for having fought Marxist-terrorist groups in the 60‘s and the 70’s, organizations like ERP, Montoneros and others that plagued Argentina and Latin America with violence. Others, are in jail simply because they were members of the Argentine forces during those years, even if they didn’t have any participation in the war against terror. All of these men (Including myself) have all had “trials” that are reminiscent of Roman Circus and that do not ever end. In each case the Argentinian Constitution has been ignored, false testimonies have been provided and a total lack of evidence means absolutely nothing.


Everything I have told you about has happened for one reason and one reason only – corruption that is all about making money. You see, accusers are entitled to $250,000 if the person accused is arrested. That is all it takes. And where does that money go? To corrupt members of the government and it all started at the top: Both former Presidents Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández Kirchner (The Kirchner regime 2003-2015) named judges and prosecutors who would carry out a plan to condemn political and illegally arrested prisoners without evidence – all in the name of enriching themselves and their political supporters. A very convenient situation for them and a real tragedy for myself, the 2,000 other “un-tried” individuals and our families.


So why President-Elect Trump am I writing to you? Well, it’s very simple: You are a man who has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and you are about to become the most powerful man to ever hold the most powerful job in the world. Only President Trump can cross all boundaries and make things happen in many places around the world and Argentina needs you President-Elect Trump to tell our current president (Macri) that he better make some changes because you and the United States will not tolerate these human rights violations. When Mr. Macri was running for office, he specifically promised to put this complex situation in order so that everyone would get a fair trial (which is all any of us has ever wanted). But, absolutely nothing has changed since the Kirchner quasi-totalitarian administration left office. Injustices, improper medical attention and deaths of senior citizens in prison, continue with no hope of a fair trial – or really, any trial at all! We are all kept as prisoners without ever being convicted…until we die.


Of course, Argentina and its current President will lie to you and put on a great show like they did when President Barack Obama visited on March 24, 2016. Mr. Obama was led by Argentina’s President Macri to honor victims of terrorism — even though some of the people being honored included: ferocious terrorists who fought  against democracy; people who attacked Police Precincts and Military Posts; people who robbed banks as well as those who were accidently killed by their own bombs or executed by members of their own terrorist groups.


I had the opportunity to work with the DEA in the 1990s. I was awarded a scholarship by Terence A. Todman, then the U.S. ambassador in Argentina, and I visited several states and U.S. Security Institutions meeting good men and great public servants as well as efficient governmental departments. I had experienced the American style of life, before and after my work-related visit as a tourist. My experiences in the US convinced me to encourage my son Fabian to create a life for himself and his daughter in the United States. Today they both live in Florida and my granddaughter, Florencia has a degree in Veterinarian Studies from the University of Florida. The choice that my son made to create his life in Florida has given my wife and I a piece of mind. However, that is the only piece of mind we have because we both still live in Argentina, a country that does not have any respect for the law or Human Rights.


President-Elect Trump – I hope this letter makes it to you personally and that you decide to make a “politically incorrect” call to our president to let him know that these types of human rights violations will not be tolerated by you or the United States. You have the power to make a difference — I hope you decide to do so.  If you would like to learn more about this situation, I invite you to visit This website is an online newspaper my son created on February 8, 2015 to data, material evidence, and documentation of the illegalities mentioned in this letter. These criminal acts are hidden by the mass media, the Catholic Church, and the Argentine authorities.





Claudio A. Kussman

Comisario Mayor (R)

Policía de la Provincia de Buenos Aires


December 8, 2016



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becerra portillo

Political Prisoners, dying in Argentine’s Federal Facilities.

Diciembre 8, 2016


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104 thoughts on “Letter to President-elect Trump”

  1. Good luck with this piece of crap.

  2. I don’t see it but good luck with D.T.

  3. Trump has the yu-yu

    • Jack Klutsky
    • posted on March 25, 2017

    I think Mr. Trump has enough problemas right now. He is a total failure

  4. Trump will brush out all the homos that are trying to put America dawn
    You’ll see

      • Pilgrim77
      • posted on March 25, 2017

      Burn homos burn!

    • Beau Tapper
    • posted on January 26, 2017

    I’m not sure if Mr. T. is more liked the Latin American dictators or the African dictators or Hitler or Mussolini or the Russian dictators, but he’s definitely on the dictator continuum. I hope your letter by no means is intent to touch any sensibility. Let’s see where he falls on the spectrum after 100 days in office or by the time he’s impeached. It’s the new reality show Dictator Dick, streaming live on every news station….

    1. Dear Mr. Beau Tapper,
      Lets say that my case it is like the one of an illegal prisoner on death row. I wrote my letter to Mr. Trump because the people elected him as a president. I would have written to Mrs. Clinton instead. My family and I sent more than 1270 letters to Argentine authorities (67 of them to the Pope Francis, who calls himself a FAIR, HONEST, man and 11 to Argentina’s president Mauricio Macri) and we got no answers whatsoever. Their silence is the worst and only replay. To be clear, my family and I reject any kind of tyranny. Finally, at my age and in this unfair legal process against me, I have to say that every day counts. Mostly in this cynical, complicated world of us.
      Thank you for your concepts. CLAUDIO KUSSMAN

    • Judah West
    • posted on January 10, 2017

    Mr. Trump is very busy firing back at Mrs. Streep’s speech.

  5. I wouldn’t relay ‘n Trump. As a general principle, anybody who gets up in public & repeatedly talks about imaginary things needs more help than anybody.

    • Michael Salina
    • posted on December 29, 2016

    First days in office are gonna be the worst of times for Trump. Russia and Israel are gonna be hot topics

      • Frank Octavio
      • posted on December 29, 2016

      we have not been presented evidence it was Russia. The DNC is not the US gov and is far from the most critical thing that could be hacked (I think NORAD being hacked would be worse). Also it wasn’t a hack, it was a fishing email (which anyone who has an email has gotten hundreds of times) that Podesta was stupid enough to fall for. It is also one of the easiest and least skill needed kind of scam that just about anyone with a modicum of computer knowlegde can do. Maybe instead of being hyperbolic and spouting nonsense spoon fed to you by the media

      1. Frank… links to all this info, please?

        1. He has nothing.

  6. Democracy is the action by which a republic is being LEGALLY restored. “Classic Liberal” Macri won’t save you because he’s not respecting that legality suppose to be respected in a democratic country. I am sorry to tell ya, the free world don’t see any leaders in Argentina or the rest of the world by the way (Trump included)

    • Joseph Mattiera
    • posted on December 24, 2016

    A person could disagree with US President-elect Donald Trump on any number of issues, but it appears as if Trump is developing an accurate understanding of terror ideology in all of its doctrinal wretchedness. It is a fact that ISIS or Communism are in his agenda. He can not turn his sight in the Argentinian problem and if president Macri doesn’t acknowledge the enemy is at the door and keep playing fool ff course democracy will be destroyed in the process.

  7. President Macri has been nothing but a big fiasco. He didn’t deliver what he promised. A great failure Argentine citizens didn’t see it coming. i think everybody except Macri saw that coming.

  8. Countries have different customs, beliefs, practices, and legal and legislative process. Actions that are legal, or illegal, in one country, or even one state, are not necessarily viewed the same elsewhere. With that being said, the United States is increasing its efforts to impose its laws on sovereign countries and their citizens.

  9. No estoy en tus zapatos, pero busca a Dios, (y no me interesan comentarios como: Dios no existe bla bla bla) te lo digo como algo personal, deseando que la justicia divina algún día llegue a tu vida. “… Todos nosotros estamos llenos de impureza; todos nuestros actos de justicia son como un trapo lleno de inmundicia. Todos nosotros somos como hojas caídas; ¡nuestras maldades nos arrastran como el viento! Ya no hay nadie que invoque tu nombre, ni que se despierte y busque tu apoyo. Por eso nos diste la espalda, y nos dejaste caer en poder de nuestras maldades…” Isaías 64:6-7 RVC 1960

    1. Que hermoso lo que pensas, siendo tan jovencita.

  10. Dear Ms. Abigail Sanchez and Ms. Susana Siobani, I am aware and far from knowing what high politics is. I also agree with what you guys express and how difficult it is and will be to spread what I mean in my letter or that can generate interest in a world with so many problems. However, what happens to us is so extremely illegal that I will not stop shouting my truth. Today is me, but tomorrow can happen to you. In Argentina, I exhausted all judicial, political, or religious instances for what I am reaching to the United States for help. Let’s not forget that during his visit, President Obama was cheated without shame when Argentine politicians took him to put a wreath in a monument where there are 30.000 allegedly victim names (22,000 victims that did not exist and many of the 8,000 died in terrorist attacks). Would it be good for the leaders of the West to do so in a few years with members of ISIS? Are they different from the terrorists of the 70’s? I know that I am right, that I am a victim of lies and the crimes of the judiciary and political power. Together with my family we will continue fighting until the day of my death. Not all prisoners are innocent, but not all are guilty. I really thank you for your comments. Truly.

    1. I am not saying it is not worth to try but the man is full of false promises and lies. This has been added to the accountability list to see if his word is good for anything at all. I am from N. Ireland and we see Mr. Trump does seem to have both an obsession with and problems with walls. He is so worry about his golf links that he wants to build a wall to help avoid winds interfering with golfers plays. Not because he’s worry about climate control, that’s all. Good look in all your future endeavors.

  11. He probably does agree that these violations are happening but why would he care? One man’s villain is another man’s hero. That’s the way it usually goes in politics and business. Trump will probably focus his attention in America and America only.

  12. Trump’s entire campaign was built around the idea that foreign influences are infecting the United States. He declared upon announcing his presidential campaign, that the US has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. I believe that the key to striking a deal is persuasion, not power. Persuasion is diplomacy at its best-the ability to convince people to accept your ideas. You don’t want to force people to accept your ideas. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, you want them to think that the decision was theirs, which gives them a greater sense of power and control. Your objectives should be to make your adversaries feel like they’re your partners, not your victims. Present your ideas in a way that will not intimidate your adversaries or make them feel that they are being forced to surrender. In successful negotiations, all parties should feel satisfied with the outcome. If Mr. Trump is for the cause, he could talk Mr. Macri into doing something for Human Rights. Much of life and business is about survival, and Darwin taught us that to survive, we must adapt. Evolution is constant in business and life. Even the most powerful empires have come and gone. Just look at history, the Roman, Ottoman, and British Empires once dominated the world, and then each faded away. Since everything always changes, constantly reevaluate the big picture. Reexamine the landscape; see what’s changed and what those differences could mean to you. Then figure out how you can keep up with and make the changes work for you. With that being said, everything is possible.

  13. Well, he is a power businessman, I am sure he’d squeeze this issue into informal chats with Mr. Macri.

    1. His ego drives him to do things. It may work.

      1. I don’t think he even knows what the real problem is in the country

    • Louis Bunnick
    • posted on December 11, 2016

    Weather Trump is sane or insane, in this case it doesn’t matter!

  14. F@#* president elect Trump and president Macri You gotta grab da f@&^@ judges by the balls and make them follow the rules

    1. Not that easy. Corruption is huge in Argentina and politicians and judges follow the bling-bling sound

  15. If president Macri called him. This still hasn’t emerged but nobody knows what they chatted about. Trump may well call Macri to talk about this topic.

  16. I wouldn’t express my opinion weather or not he and President Mauricio Macri had discussed or are about to discuss any issue, but if Trump can do something to easy these soldiers’ pain, I’ll be A-Okay with that.

    • James Carpona
    • posted on December 11, 2016

    The whole media is corrupted by Cultural Marxism – hence pre-disposed to Commie Obama. Half of the mass media in the US are left wingers… Trump kicked the board and confronted the lefties.

  17. Having beaten Clinton fair and square, let’s give him a chance; after all, some of the things he said aren’t all that bad. And if He can make a difference to help another country, that’s more than fine to me.

    1. I’d say you are right.

    2. Th US have been helping other countries before and heve been beaten for taht people. T.I.A. right?

  18. “In life, there is something worse than failure: not having tried anything”. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) Cordially

    1. I concur.

    • @Onion_Ring
    • posted on December 11, 2016

    This is truly a well elaborated concept. Hope Mr. Trump will have the sensibility to help…

    • Burl Vaccino
    • posted on December 10, 2016

    I’m guessing there’s iffy stuff in Argentina

    • Wilson Santa Clara
    • posted on December 10, 2016

    This letter could make people to watch closer what’s going on in other countries. Good one.

  19. He is already using his influence to benefit his projects in foreign countries. Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign state banks.
    Trump is the only President in modern times to not release his tax returns, the only President in modern times to not put his investments and business interests into a blind trust.
    You have been conned. If you support Trump, you are supporting a level of corruption never before seen in this country.
    Trump said that conflict of interests do not matter if you are the President. Why don’t you believe what he says himself? He said he can do whatever he wants to, and guess what, he will.
    An he cannot influence other countries policies unless he has some bizz with that government … Ooops! He does!!!!

    1. Dear Hillary Trump, It will have to be given time. In that country democratic institutions work well.

      1. Not that well but…

      • Mnsnutn
      • posted on December 10, 2016

      Who cares if Trump is a liar, there is nothing wrong with asking him to help, regardless of what his beliefs are. If you were in prison, you would take his help too. Probably nothing will happen with this letter, but it is certainly worth a try — and that is the point here, not to elect Trump — that already happened. If he helps because it boosts his ego to show how powerful his influence is, who cares — as long as he helps. It may be a million to one shot, but those are worth trying or people wouldn’t play lotto.

      1. BS, junior

          • Mnsnutn
          • posted on December 10, 2016

          You make a compelling argument Hillary 😉

          1. I do! He is a pirate and you know it. Go Hillary!

            • Ted Francino
            • posted on December 10, 2016

            Hillary Trump: Yo are deluded

          2. Shutt up, you are all mororns

            • Thomas Grillick
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            Easy with the beer , Dean Martin.

            • Mnsnutn
            • posted on December 11, 2016


            • Mnsnutn
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            Hillary is also going the wrong way — too much to drink. LOL

            • Fiona
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            Exactly ha ha ha

          3. Parrot

            • Jackie Gioggia
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            Smart answer!

          4. You call that funny?

          5. FYI, I’d launch Donald Trump-Mnsutin Shut Up web site soon. .because I predict his hatred had to be nipped in the bud. Now the orange bush is a giant Orange Monster Weed with the most toxic case of verbal diarrhea the nation has ever seen. He’ll be a disastrous president and it’ll be all you Hillary supporters fault.

          6. ha ha @MNSUTING you have a beautiful mind… lol

          7. MNsnutn: It is not worth it… he/she is just a troll.

            • Fiona
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            OMG! LOL … Telephone for ya, Hillary… (Love that movie BTW)

            • Mnsnutn
            • posted on December 11, 2016


            • Clyde Karmerce
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            Thas so funny…!

          8. Election day is over, Hillary.

            • Mike Giarena
            • posted on December 12, 2016

            Super duty deluded!

            • Mnsnutn
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            I think you are on the wrong website — this conversation is about a prisoner in Argentina, not about supporting Trump or Hillary or anybody. I voted for Hillary, but the election is over so it makes way more sense to write to Trump. It also makes sense to be nice to him. He probably wont do anything positive if the prisoner were to call him an asshole Considering that Hillary isn’t the one who is going to be president, for sure the President of Argentina will not care less what she says. Anyway, if you have any comments that are on-point, I’m sure they would be appreciated.

          9. I am in the right site, pal. Trump supporters come in all shapes and sizes. Many are hard core. A few are tentative. Some are energized by his aggression and belligerence. You belong to the last category…

            • Pal Bearer
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            You do realize Mr. Trump won the election and Mrs. Clinton is not running anymore, dontcha?

          10. What kind of psycho are you? Makes no sense what you are saying!

            • Mnsnutn
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            What are you some kind of moron? I don’t see any Trump supporters here, just Claudio Kussman supports. Everyone except you. I have only been writing back to you to amuse myself by exposing how off-base you are, but now I’m bored with you. So, keep writing — you are after all, amusing.

          11. Shutt your pipehole, Hillary-hater

            • Mnsnutn
            • posted on December 11, 2016

            You are too funny. Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with the arguments you are making except for one thing — there were arguments to make a month ago — before Trump won. Or, 4 years from now when he re-runs. It’s kind of weird that you are taking about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as if they are both still running. For sure you missed the point of the letter to Trump.

          12. I agreed. This is insane. Hillary Trump, what the hell are you talking about?????

          13. How about taxes? How about the lies? Do you think he is gonna help anybody but him or his business or his familiy? And he is not gonna help us or anybody in Argentina whatsoever…

          14. Well done. Hillary Trump you dumb

            • Sarah Mae Bosch
            • posted on December 24, 2016

            Ha ha ha ha… you’re funny @msnutns

    • Dante Summers
    • posted on December 10, 2016

    I’d reach Ivanka for this matter… but that’s just me.

  20. Trump has not taken office yet but he is already trying to influence foreign leaders to help his fight against terror. I think if the Argentine guy is on, he has to do something regarding these prisoners who fought terror back then…

    1. Dear Celeste, Terror is the great threat to the free and democratic world. Thanks for participating

  21. As an Army Vet I support the Argentine political prisoners.

    1. Dear Mr. Gordon,
      Thank you for your services and congratulations for being part of a nation that fights for democracy.
      Thank you for your support.
      Best Regards,

    • Tono Harkman
    • posted on December 10, 2016

    Considering there is no proof and the Argentinian government does not do a thing, SuperTrump can! LOL

    1. Dear Tono, if Macri’s government fails, we will be Venezuela. Thanks for participating.

    • Brian Bloom
    • posted on December 10, 2016

    President Mauricio Macri called Trump to congratulate him on winning the election, Trump used the opportunity to urge him to work together. Now Trump could do the same… I guess

    1. Dear Brian, let’s hope Donal Trump is Occidenbte’s locomotive. Thanks for participating.

        • Brian Bloom
        • posted on December 12, 2016

        I think he -because of his ego- may move one piece or two…

  22. Well said. The only who can put some pressure on a foreign government… is Donald!!!

    1. Dear Deidre, let´s hope that Donald Trump succeeds in his government. Affectionately

    • Jason Masseroni
    • posted on December 10, 2016

    Trump has been elected on the basis of ending the cronyism that exists in Washington, so he has to set a very high standard for himself—so that everybody, including the American people, feels that neither he, nor his businesses, nor his family are getting any preferential treatment. About this topic, I think this letter would let Mr. trump know the atrocities going on in Argentina. The good relationship between both Mr. Trump and Mr. Macri can lead into a solution.

    1. Dear Jason Best for USA. Cordially.

  23. I have a ringtone n my Iphone (Don’t cry for me , Argentina) everytime it rings, I remember this web page. My point is if Trump reads this letter he may do something

    1. Dear Mike, thank you for remembering. Cordially

  24. Mr. Trump had solid ideas about terrorism. He said (that) there are many radicalized people already inside the States as a result of the poor policies of the past. But the whole point is that it will be much, much easier to deal with our current problem if we don’t watch closer and have strong ties with other countries exchanging information. With that being said, if president Macri agrees, he has to address to the political prisoners issue in his own country for once.

    1. Jordan Spencer, With my family we wish Mr. Trump’s success. It may be a new stage for the West. Thanks for participating.

    2. Macri is facing pushback. The economy has so far failed to recover at the pace he promised. Growth is weak, unemployment remains high, and his approval ratings have fallen from their initial high level. Union leaders with close ties to the opposition have called for large-scale strikes in hopes of reopening wage negotiations this year, but the government fears that higher wages now would simply push inflation up. The country’s largest public-sector unions staged a general strike over government cuts last month, and more walk-offs are likely. I don’t think he handles the country well. In the other hand, unless Trump plays the right cards, Macri will be unable to confront opposition on human rights issues.

      1. It would have been better with Hillary… 🙂

        1. Ah my daughter! … my rebellious daughter! ☺

      2. Dear Steve, unfortunately Macri is not a statesman and Argentina is in South America, not Switzerland. Thanks for participating

    • Pete Gonzalez
    • posted on December 9, 2016

    Perhaps the President-elect can persuade Macri to change his mind on this matters?

    1. As long as we live we will knock all the doors that exist. Thanks for participating

      • Jeff Da Silva
      • posted on December 11, 2016

      I am sure he can

    • Harry Paulus
    • posted on December 9, 2016

    When you surf the net about Argentina, all you get is topics about Police Abuse, Indigenous Issues, and State Terror. No one talks about this issue: Former soldiers dying and a government showing no respect for them.

    1. Unfortunately Argentina joined radical ideologies. He departed from the good Western democratic countries. Thanks for participating


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