Por Olivia Davis.

La óptica de los fantasmas puede caer bajo dos amplias observaciones: lo que un individuo ve con sus dos ojos, o una peculiaridad aparentemente inexplicable recogida por evidencia fotográfica.

El ojo humano es una hazaña de la evolución, pero todavía tiene sus límites. Hay una razón por la que la frase “ojos jugando trucos” se entiende tan universalmente: nuestros ojos a veces ven cosas que no están allí, o no pueden observar correctamente el mundo natural y traducirlo en algo lógico. Como sabrá por experiencia personal, los humanos tienden a dormir por la noche, por lo que nuestros ojos no son exactamente estelares para ver cosas en entornos con poca luz. No poseemos una membrana que los animales nocturnos han llamado tapetum licidim, que permite que la luz tenue que incide en el ojo rebote hacia los receptores de luz para una visión más brillante durante la noche. Para los humanos, la luz se absorbe una vez a través de nuestros bastones y conos, y son los primeros los que están más activos durante la noche. Los bastones funcionan en función de la actividad de la proteína rodopsina, que puede tardar unos 30 minutos en regenerarse cuando te arrojan inicialmente a un entorno oscuro.

Luego hay una condición llamada formación de matrices que ocurre con poca luz. Matrixing es cuando el cerebro convierte una forma mal entendida en algo que ya reconoces. Si esperas ver un fantasma, interpretarás cualquier rayo de luz extraño o formas extrañas con la idea de que es Casper o uno de sus tíos imbéciles.

Eso nos lleva a otra forma en que el ojo desnudo (no) observa fantasmas: cuando tus ojos están bien pero la naturaleza está loca. Una de las formas más grandes de extraños fenómenos de luz que, durante siglos, la gente ha considerado como una señal de que los fantasmas y espíritus sobrenaturales existen y deambulan por el mundo es el ignis fatuus (latín medieval para “fuego tonto”, y coloquialmente mejor conocido como el fuego fatuo): una forma de luz atmosférica a menudo vista por los viajeros nocturnos que están cerca de ciénagas, pantanos o marchas. Estas luces espectrales y parpadeantes se incrustaron en el folclore como signos de fantasmas.

Para compensar los límites del ojo humano, los cazadores de fantasmas modernos confían en la tecnología fotográfica. En estos días, podría decirse que las lentes de las cámaras pueden capturar el mundo mejor que los humanos, por lo que la idea es que si una cámara capta algo que el ojo humano no puede, tiene que ser real.

Sorpresa: no lo es. Las cámaras son técnicamente superiores a los ojos humanos, pero eso no significa que no estén sujetas a su parte de fallas. Hay muchas aberraciones diferentes comunes a la fotografía, pero una en particular se llama orbe, donde un objeto circular en una imagen es invisible a simple vista, pero muy claramente visible en una fotografía. Estas cosas vagamente circulares parecen estar flotando al azar. Algunos cazadores de fantasmas han afirmado que los orbes son signos concretos de una presencia sobrenatural en una casa o habitación.

Las imágenes en este mundo siguen siendo una especie de trabajo en progreso. Nuestros ojos están inundados de formas artificiales de luz como nunca antes, y la evolución humana ha tardado en adaptarse a estas cosas. Las cámaras son una nueva tecnología extremadamente útil e importante, pero también están llenas de problemas. Y, por supuesto, todavía hay muchas cosas que no entendemos sobre el mundo, pero eso no significa que las luces extrañas sean indicativas de algo que es de otro mundo. Moraleja de la historia: si parece un fantasma, probablemente no lo sea.

Marzo 2, 2023


14 thoughts on “Observando Fantasmas”

    • Psionxism
    • posted on March 2, 2023

    We are not scared of dark, we are scared of what’s in the dark.

  1. I haven’t seen ghost yet and haven’t felt the presence but I want to believe in ghosts and supernatural stuffs because I find these topics so interesting to discuss.

    • John Stallings
    • posted on March 2, 2023

    This makes sense, we are hard wired, but I think it’s part of our survival instincts, it reaches deep parts of our faith to yearn for something more. For me having cameras everywhere is why I believe in ghosts, I find it hard to believe they’re all hoaxes, I’m sure now that ghosts exist.

  2. I never seen any demons, shadow figures or any kind of entity.

  3. I know what I saw and I know what I felt. I used to be an atheist but it all changed when some scary stuff happened to me. I won’t tell stories about my experiences because I know people will just call me crazy of just make fun of me. Science have been my interest all my life but there are a lot of things that science cannot explain.

    • Muscle Boy
    • posted on March 2, 2023

    I had a very strange experience my very first night living in the house me and my girlfriend currently live in. This has only happened one time in my life, my first night at my new home I suffered from sleep paralysis. I first noticed that, while being fully conscious and aware of my surroundings, I could not move. I tried very, very hard to sit up but could not. I felt a wave of panic come over me, and noticed that at the foot of my bed there was what looked like a small child, a little girl sitting by my feet with her back turned to me so I could not see her face. When I became aware of this little girl, I felt the most overwhelming fear I have ever experienced up to that point of my life, and even still today. When I noticed her by my feet, I felt what I can only describe as intense evil in the room with me, something I doubt many people ever have the misfortune of feeling. It’s impossible to really articulate with words, this level of terror was something I didn’t know a person was capable of experiencing, even as I’m typing this comment I get bumps on my skin just remembering how I felt, the fear and evil. I tried to scream, but at first I wasn’t able to make any noise. I kept trying, and eventually I managed to make a very quiet grunting or groaning type of sound. All the while the entity taking the form of this child just sat by my feet, unmoving, doing nothing. This may have gone on for two or three minutes, the bedroom door was open and my girlfriend was just down the hall getting one of our empty rooms sorted out with furniture and whatever else. She eventually heard me, and I remember seeing her standing in the frame of the bedroom door, just looking at me, but she paid no attention to the presence I could still see at the foot of the bed. I could still see this little girl, and I kept on trying to scream while my girlfriend watched me. She eventually heard me groan, and walked over to the side of the bed thinking I was having a nightmare, eventually attempting to nudge me awake to ask if I was okay. I managed to snap out of the paralysis after she began to gently push me and I told her about the little girl and my feelings of fear, the overwhelming feeling of evil in the room. Of course, it freaked her out, and I haven’t slept in that bedroom since that night. My very first and only experience anything like that, and I hope I never feel that level of terror again.

  4. So I have experienced sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming several times, specially during college, but also usually when I sleep on my back facing up or feel stressed/nervous. It can be a bit scary but I learned how to make myself aware during those dreams and how to wake myself up when it gets a bit much. I never thought of it as a paranormal thing tho. Despite really liking horror as a genre and growing up with creepy family stories and folklore etc, i dont really believe in ghosts. I think if I ever felt/seen one, id more quickly draw the conclusion that there is something wrong with me phsycologically or get my brain checked, than believing what Id witnessed. Our eyes may deceive, but so does our brain sometimes if something is wrong. Im skeptical and i like to think critically about things, however, im open minded too since yk ghosts being real would be kinda cool in a way, but for that to be validated there would need to exist concrete evidence, which so far there is none.

  5. When I was a kid, my mother never made me believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, the boogey man or anything of sorts. She herself believes in God, but she explained that it was our choice to have faith in something or not, but from her part, she wouldn’t force us to believe in fantasies that are real because parents make them real. Also, she explained to me since I was very young that a lot of adults were bad people who couldn’t be trusted, and that I had to be alert. Possibly that saved me from some guy that attempted to take me into his car when I was 4. As of today… well, I do believe that most people make up stories or suffer delusions, but I am willing to accept that there are things that might not be proven by science, more so if they are out of our world

    • warto
    • posted on March 2, 2023

    I’ve been raised in western Poland, near to the German border. Once my mam told me a story about my great-grandma’s ghost experience (my mum was a very serious person, she was a teacher and always reasonable). Once my great-grandma took off to work and she had to go through the woods. It was a dawn, and it was hard to say whether it is still dark or already bright. Out of nowhere she noticed a guy coming along, who looked miserable (he had jagged clothes and looked extremely exhausted). My great-grandma was surely surprised but she thought, she is still partly asleep, tired and that’s why she didn’t notice him earlier. She said to him “good morning” but he didn’t reply. Suddenly he disappeared and my great-grandma felt a chill. Afterwards she told that story to her friends of course and she found out, recently there were some German soldiers hung on the trees in these woods by Russian soldiers. Since than she avoided the path in these woods and told her daughter, i.e. my grandma to avoid that path either.

  6. I have a good friend that ghost hunted for years. Had all the equipment and everything. Actually did it to disprove ghosts. He had a whole team of people. Became credible around here. People would call him to find out if their house was haunted or not. Most of the time it was paranoid adults or frightened children with big imaginations. But occasionally not only did he find ghosts he actually had conversations with them. Most were friendly and he just asked them to stop scaring the family and they would stop. Half the time the ghost didn’t even realize it was scaring anyone. But, he met a couple in his 4 years of doing it that were just ornery and liked messing with the family and he wasn’t able to help. And he stopped doing it when he met an evil spirit that was dangerous and even followed him home. He was done after that. This isn’t a guy that likes to tell stories. He is very credible. I completely believe him. He is a hick with old school values. It would be completely out of his character to just lie about it. Besides he got into it to disprove ghosts. He was a non believer until he got into the business. Even made fun of people who believed in ghosts. Just from his words alone and not having any experiences myself I do believe there are spirits. Just not as many around as people probably think. Most of these spirits got lost after death, don’t know their dead, or are too stubborn to move on. But, it don’t happen very often.

      • GG
      • posted on March 2, 2023

      I will protect you

    • G.C. Herron
    • posted on March 1, 2023

    When I was around ten years old, I lived in a house built in the 1700’s. I was with my mom in my living room, when we both saw a kid around five years old, in old fashiond clothes, come out of the dining room and look around. My mom asked the kid if he was lost. He shook his head no, turned left, and walked through the hallway wall. That was 20 years ago. I remember it as clear as day, and it was like looking at a living person.

      • Anonymous
      • posted on March 1, 2023

      And then you woke up

      1. As a person who had sleep paralysis for a long time when I was younger I can confirm that it is beyond terrifying and for a long time I was convinced I was haunted or and a different stage thought it might of been alien abductions. Took a long time to find out about the condition and even then took a while to calm myself down when it was happening on occasion. ….


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