Oficial K9 en Arizona atrapa a 2 hombres con 50 libras de metanfetamina


Gracias a un oficial K9 en el norte de Arizona, 2 hombres fueron atrapados con 50 libras de metanfetamina en su automóvil, dijo la policía.

El 2 de febrero, una Unidad K9 de la Policía de Cottonwood hizo una parada de tráfico cerca de la I-17 y Camp Verde por un sedán que, según los informes, estaba impidiendo el tráfico y tenía una infracción de tinte de ventana.

Dentro del Nissan Altima estaban Ricardo Bojorquez-Navarrete, de 21 años, y su pasajero, Ramón Lugo-Campo, de 32 años. La policía dice que son de México.

El “K-9 “Duke” se desplegó para realizar un olfateo al aire libre y dio una alerta positiva en el vehículo. Una búsqueda posterior del vehículo reveló dos bolsas de lona que contenían 49 paquetes de 1 libra envueltos individualmente de una sustancia de cristal blanco que dio positivo por metanfetamina. Más tarde se descubrió que el peso combinado de esas bolsas era de aproximadamente 50 libras “, dijo el departamento.

Los hombres fueron arrestados bajo sospecha de transportar una droga peligrosa, posesión de una droga peligrosa, posesión de una droga peligrosa para la venta y posesión de parafernalia de drogas. Ambos están en la cárcel y están detenidos sin derecho a fianza.



Febrero 17, 2023


25 thoughts on “Oficial K9 en Arizona atrapa a 2 hombres con 50 libras de metanfetamina”

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  2. Amazing video. Still crying
    Love all animals. ♥

  3. Let’s not forget all the dogs and different breeds that do bomb, drug, drug and money detection. And all the ones doing search and rescue. LOVE AND BLESS THEM ALL.

  4. So awesome to see our four-legged officers doing great services to our community.! 🙂

    • Who's that girl?
    • posted on February 17, 2023

    I can’t even verbally explain how much I love dogs.

    1. They are the best

  5. 涙が出るほど美しい動画です。 面白く、悲しく、同時にやる気を起こさせます。 仲間のために、町や都市のまともな住民のために命を危険にさらす美しい子犬。

  6. Videazo… que emocion LPMQLP

    • Jed
    • posted on February 17, 2023

    Good to find out about a well done K9 police work. Magnifiecient video BTW

  7. Muito interessante esses cães K9 Eu tenho 2 Malinoa de Policia e eles são incríveis diversos comandos táticos uma ótima raça

  8. Thank To The K9 Officer’s and There Police Officer Handler’s !! Great Job – God Bless You !!

  9. I was in a bad situation as a kid where I was taken by a stranger I didn’t know for 4 hours. (Kidnapping) and I was safe and secure thank god. But I remember the relief I felt when the German shepherd found me and nearly accidentally bit me thinking I was a bad guy haha. The officer say “Down!” And he started licking my face as they took care of the asshole that took me.

  10. I’m so impressed with these awesome k9s . The officers best friend for sure. Great video. Great job

  11. I believe in canine officers, thy save human officer’s lives every day. They get my☆☆☆☆☆every day of the week. And my tears when they lose their life save us.

  12. Sultan is a legend. Great work, guys!

    1. Yeah, Sultan was precious. I saw many videos of that great OFFICER

  13. Emotivo y vibrante.

  14. I’m a retired dog trainer. This is officially my FAVORITE video

  15. Respect to these four-legged police officer

    • Rain
    • posted on February 17, 2023

    What a wonderful video! I have goosebumps!

  16. What a touching video. Love all these valiant dogs

  17. I can’t stop crying. Love to all of our K9 officers and handlers!

    • Raymond X.
    • posted on February 17, 2023

    Admire k9 cops so much, and provide so much safety.

  18. There is literally nothing sadder but satisfying on the entire planet than this video!

  19. I’m a Retired Police Officer and give great appreciation, love and honor to my former K9 Officers. All Active K9’s, carry on with pride and honor, all past K9’s retired and killed in the line of duty, may God Bless you and your partner/best friends til you meet again. Great video, beautiful tribute.


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