Robert Kiyosaki niega que la economía americana se esté estabilizando


"Estados Unidos está en quiebra": Robert Kiyosaki niega que la economía se esté estabilizando

El reconocido inversor y escritor estadounidense Robert Kiyosaki criticó a The Wall Street Journal por un artículo que ofrece una perspectiva positiva sobre la economía del país.

El experto, conocido por predecir la quiebra del banco Lehman Brothers en 2008, que derivó en una crisis financiera global, calificó en un tuit a los autores del artículo como “locos y estúpidos”, al tiempo que condenó lo que ocurre con la economía nacional y resaltó el carácter artificial del crecimiento del mercado de valores.

“El diario financiero Wall Street Journal (WSJ) afirma que la economía es fuerte. No saben que el mercado de valores ha subido porque [el presidente Joe] Biden elevó el techo de la deuda”, explicó.

Dado que “Estados Unidos está en quiebra”, subrayó que personalmente sigue prefiriendo invertir en oro, plata y bitcoines. En un reciente artículo, WSJ sostuvo que el crecimiento estadounidense se estaría acelerando, desafiando así las expectativas de desaceleración. Los autores alegaron que en el segundo trimestre el PIB creció a un ritmo anual del 2,4 %, ajustado estacionalmente y a la inflación, y concluyeron que la economía ha logrado evitar la recesión.

Kiyosaki, autor de ‘Padre rico, padre pobre’, ha criticado desde hace tiempo al Gobierno y su política monetaria, advirtiendo sobre el colapso de la economía estadounidense y la muerte del dólar, en particular ante al fortalecimiento del bloque BRICS.

Agosto 2, 2023


16 thoughts on “Robert Kiyosaki niega que la economía americana se esté estabilizando”

  1. I am trembling

    • Malice
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    I heard this in 1980

    • shem shipp
    • posted on August 2, 2023


    • tico
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    a ver……….

    • nivelando
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    ¿deme un cuarto de fiambrin le pago con dos gramos de oro?

    • rowan mcdaniels
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    We are now living through the most volatile, immediate financial crisis that the world has ever seen. We are living through history being made right now.

    • maggie c. katz
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    Once I asked my dad why he was more interested in 20 bills than 100 bills and he answered me, “it’s easier for them to pay you 20 or 10 and even 5 bills immediately but if there are a hundred or more they will take it on credit and it will be very difficult for them to pay”…BRICS is like a thousand bill but countries like the Dominican Republic, for example, would be like a 20 bill and it is currently being owned in all sectors by China, also let’s not forget the great reserve in gold and other resources that it represents for the United States as well as its geographical location. Finally we all know that the big ones get old and the little ones grow up.

    • Red Bouy
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    Witnessing Janet Yellen’s conversation with the Senator from Oklahoma literally sent a chill down my spine. I immediately made a mental note to keep the absolute minimum in accounts in order to meet set financial obligations. Cash-on-hand will be vital, I believe, by the end of this year.

    • freakshowshadow
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    I still have to say – when it gets REAL CHAOTIC out there and people have no food, who’s going to need GOLD and SILVER… they are going to want food!

    • Gemma Vuirlier
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    Some economists have projected that both the U.S. and parts of Europe could slip into a recession for a portion of 2023. A global recession, defined as a contraction in annual global per capita income, is more rare because China and emerging markets often grow faster than more developed economies. Essentially the world economy is considered to be in recession if economic growth falls behind population growth.

    • mike Bogdanovic
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    I’m not even kidding when I say that the market crash and high inflation have me really stressed out and worried about retirement. I’ve been in the red for a while now and although people say these crisis has it perks, I’m losing my mind but I get it, Investing is a long-term game, so I try to focus on the long term.

    • silverbear
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    The finan-cial system has been artificially pumped for over a decade to ensure big pockets were lined; and now those same hands will make a fortune in the largest transfer of wealth in human history by shorting it on the way down. In-flation does have a roll, but that’s to keep everyone panicked, and focused on their bills and expenses, rather than focus on the capital crimes of politicians and cor-porations,I’m still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $338k stock port-folio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market??

    • Tommy Scottfield
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    I get tired of all this repetition over and over

    • gillian kazamiura
    • posted on August 2, 2023


    • Chris
    • posted on August 2, 2023

    Been hearing the dollar is going to crash for years, still here

      • fabulous frank
      • posted on August 2, 2023

      Yup me too


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