¿Estás a favor de que se establezcan penas de prisión para los responsables de desmontes ilegales e incendios forestales?

Votá por los bosques

Argentina se encuentra en emergencia forestal: perdemos una hectárea de bosques cada 2 minutos, el equivalente a la superficie de 30 canchas de fútbol por hora. La deforestación provoca desaparición de especies, cambio climático, inundaciones, sequías, desertificación, enfermedades, desalojos de indígenas y campesinos, pérdida de alimentos, maderas y medicinas.

Las principales causas son el avance de la frontera agropecuaria (ganadería y soja que en gran medida se exportan a Asia y Europa) y los incendios forestales (el 95% son por acciones humanas).

A pesar de que en Argentina existe una muy buena Ley de Bosques, la mayoría de los desmontes son ilegales. Es evidente que las multas no son suficientes para desalentar que arrasen con los bosques, y los empresarios suelen incluirlas como un costo más de producción. Además, los responsables casi nunca son obligados a restaurarlos y en muchos casos es clara la complicidad de funcionarios al autorizar desmontes donde no está permitido.

Ante esta situación, consultamos a la sociedad si considera que los desmontes ilegales e incendios forestales deben ser un delito penal.


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Julio 11, 2023


9 thoughts on “¡VOTÁ POR LOS BOSQUES!”

    • Faye Redford
    • posted on July 11, 2023


    • Safi Putrian
    • posted on July 11, 2023

    Hutan sangat berperan penting bagi kehidupan makhluk hidup. Seperti yang telah dikatakan dalam video tersebut, bahwa hutan adalah habitat atau tempat tinggal bagi 80% tumbuhan dan hewan . Penggundulan hutan dapat menimbulkan efek yang sangat luar biasa. Efek yang akibatkan penggundulan hutan yaitu emisi gas rumah kaca yang menyebabkan efek rumah kaca. Seperti yang kita ketahui, efek rumah kaca berkaitan erat dengan pemanasan global. Oleh karena itu, pemanasan global akan semakin bertambah tiap tahunnya. Selain itu, efek sampingnyalagi adalah kepunahan. Sekitar 4 sampai 6 ribu spesies telah punah akibat penggundulan hutan. Sehingga keanekaragaman hayati dalam hutan tidaklah seimbang.

    • Q-back
    • posted on July 10, 2023

    In the 60’s there were documents published that showed the impact of trees on global warming and implications on national security. They found trees changed the temperature of the air above them by decreasing the temperature by 2-3 degrees through evopo-transpiration . Tree covered land vs barren land had a 10 degree difference in temperature. One could change the entire countries temperature by enlarging the countries forests. It estimated that north and south polar ice cap major melts may happen with a 100 meter rise in sea level which will inundate strategic military positions especially nuclear arsenals. It stated the highest chance of mass nuclear war would occur at this point due the advantage it gives Russia over USA because of geography and the 100meter water mark. However USA having nuclear capabilities all around the globe would naturally counter. Apart for the obvious effects the nuclear mushroom clouds would disrupt high altitude wind currents and disturb weather patterns globally. And if nuclear war didn’t occur then the new high temperature, high water levels and lack of tree coverage would cause major damage to top soil and have a high potential of nuclear power facility meltdowns across the globe with food and drinking water becoming scare. I hope this possibility doesn’t happen. If your hopefully like me Cauvery Calling is a great charity that plants fruit trees that are taken care of. Two years ago their total tree count was 50million and this year its hit 60million. They aim for 2.4 billion trees and its 80 cents a tree. There’s always hope, always even when its dark and gloomy. But its always darkest before the dawn. Anyways all the best. I with you, that’s why I signed.

    • Marshall
    • posted on July 10, 2023

    Problem is we live in a world where a dead tree is worth more than a live tree,
    And a dead whale is worth more than a live one.
    We are finished
    But, I signed anyways…

    • crazed bowl
    • posted on July 10, 2023

    In the state of Victoria, Australia we currently log a tiny potion of the native forest it is all replanted a sustainable and renewable resource. The government and conservationists here are thinking they are doing the best thing for the environment are stopping native timber logging in 2030. We don’t have enough plantation timber to fill our replacement needs with the loss of native logging meaning loss of more jobs and the collapse of small rural communities. Where is that timber coming from? We currently import nearly 6 billion dollars of raw timber each year and Interpol says we import approx 800 million of illegally harvested timber into Australia this total doesn’t include all the imported processed timber with unknown origin. Australia’s demand for timber is going to jump after 2030. The conservation movement in Australia doesn’t realise the damage they are doing to the world through deforestation in other countries and pollution costs of long distance transportation for their desire to stop native timber logging in the state of Victoria, Australia.

    • Logical Twist
    • posted on July 10, 2023

    here r the answers of the deforestation problems:
    1. Causes carbon emissions, and damages animal habitats
    2. D.R Congo, Indonesia, Liberia, Ghana.
    3. If there was no demand for wood, there wouldn’t be illegal logging.

    • TomTom
    • posted on July 10, 2023

    This is VERY important. We don’t pay any attention to climate change. ZERO.
    I am from Nevada and right now is snowing here. Never happens, but it is snowing.

    • Let's save the planet
    • posted on July 10, 2023

    I am always up for this kind of stuff. SIGNED

    • Bevvy
    • posted on July 10, 2023

    I tho I wasn’t going t be able to sign cuzz I am from the US but, they accepted me. Cool


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