El 2 de noviembre de 1917, el Secretario de Asuntos Exteriores de Gran Bretaña, Arthur James Balfour, escribe una importante carta al ciudadano judío más ilustre de ese país, el barón Lionel Walter Rothschild, expresando el apoyo del gobierno británico a una patria judía en Palestina. La carta eventualmente se conocería como la Declaración Balfour.


El apoyo de Gran Bretaña al movimiento sionista surgió de sus preocupaciones sobre la dirección de la Primera Guerra Mundial. Aparte de una creencia genuina en la justicia del sionismo, sostenida por David Lloyd George, entre otros, los líderes británicos esperaban que una declaración de apoyo al sionismo ayudaría a ganar el apoyo judío para los Aliados.

El 2 de noviembre, Balfour envió su carta a Lord Rothschild, un destacado sionista y amigo de Chaim Weizmann, afirmando que: “El Gobierno de Su Majestad ve con buenos ojos el establecimiento en Palestina de un hogar nacional para el pueblo judío”.

La influencia de la Declaración Balfour en el curso de los acontecimientos de la posguerra fue inmediata: según el sistema de “mandato” creado por el Tratado de Versalles de 1919, a Gran Bretaña se le confió la administración de Palestina, con el entendimiento de que trabajaría en nombre de Palestina y de sus habitantes judíos y árabes.

Noviembre 2, 2023


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11 thoughts on “Declaración Balfour”

    • Surmenage provincial
    • posted on November 2, 2023

    Se ve que los tratados se respetan

    • Prefesor Bragueta
    • posted on November 2, 2023

    La guerra es a continuacion de la diplomacia… que fallo

    • Jenna Bornemann
    • posted on November 2, 2023

    Any agreement signed means nothing

    • Carlos de Ovidio
    • posted on November 2, 2023

    Es la tierra de Israel que Dios les dio.

    • Good point
    • posted on November 2, 2023

    Why don’t we learn this in history class?

    • Gustavo balbuena
    • posted on November 2, 2023

    Y la guerra continua

      • Anonymous
      • posted on November 2, 2023

      HAMÁS Y HEZBOLLAH, para Israel es lo mismo que MONTONEROS Y E.R.P. para Argentina.

    • joe_verdrieben
    • posted on November 2, 2023

    We must not forget either, that In the First World War (1914–1918) the British sided with the Arabs to fight against the Ottoman Empire of that time. The Ottoman Turks lost that war and both Britain and France alongside the US had a meeting in Paris in 1919 where it would be decided what the fate of Turkey’s lands would become in the Middle East. The Arabs had been reassured that if they fought against the Turks, they would be given their own empire and land on which they could rule and govern. This promise was BROKEN however, by the British at the so called ‘Peace Conference’. The subsequent Arab lands ended up in the control of both Britain and France and would remain so up until they believed the Arabs were ready to rule them themselves. To get to the depth of this period of history, one must understand the involvement of Jews in all of this. You see, the history of the Jewish people stretches back a very long time and that is not surprising as its one of the oldest Abrahamic faiths extending its origins to even before Bibical times. When the Roman empire was reigning supreme and controlling large swathes of territory stretching from Europe to the Middle East, the Jews lived in and around a region what is now commonly called Palestine. They were driven out of there by the Romans around 70AD and as a result Jews would migrate around the world and settle down where they could. This would happen over the course of around two millennia. Eventually at the end of 19th Century, a man named Theodor Herzl, an Austro-Hungarian Jewish lawyer and Political activist became the pioneer and founded of what we refer to as ‘The Zionist Movement’. The idea behind the Zionist movement was simply to establish a Jewish homeland, with Zion meaning ‘promised land’. It just so happened that this ‘promised land’ would be smack bang in the middle of modern day Palestine. Theodor Herzl advocated and staunchly believed that it was the place God intended the Jews to live. Sometime around 1917, Lord Balfour, a British Government Ministor promised that the British Government would assist the Jews in establishing a homeland in Palestine. This became known to the world as ‘The Balfour Declaration’. Ultimately what this did was put Britain in a complicated situation since this very same land was initially promised to be handed back to the Arabs, land which it must be noted never belonged to the British, the French and certainly not to USA.

      • mike granger _1965
      • posted on November 2, 2023

      I’ve had people argue with me due to ignorance over the reasoning the Arabs fought. They had no clue this was why Lawrence of Arabia was in the Middle East fighting the Ottomans with the Arabs. It’s a sad state of affairs when our history intentionally deceives us

      • night vision 78
      • posted on November 2, 2023

      Something additional, a few facts which I think are pertinent to your points. Zionism was created by the same group that created Communism. These were Russian ‘jews’ who already had their own ‘autonomous homeland’ within Russia itself. Most of the leaders and in fact nearly all the future presidents of Israel were Russian born and had Russian / Ukrainian DNA. The Jewish diaspora of which you refer were really the Sephardic Jews who settled in North Africa, Spain and around the Mediterranean. The people from Russia are Ashkenazi jews and are remnant of the old Khazar kingdom in what was once Ukraine. These were the people who converted on mass to Judaism in the 10th century. That is why there are so many ‘Russian Jews’. These people are not the ancient Hebrews. Haaretz Israel’s most popular daily paper carried out an investigation into the DNA of the populous which showed that 97% had no ties to the Middle East and were in fact of European lineage. They therefore have no claim to the land they stole. In fact, the diaspora and the remnant living in the area actively rejected the Zionist plan. The Sephardic Jews were already emancipated in Europe and the Middle East Jews of whom there were around 10K in 1910 didn’t want millions of Europeans moving into their homeland where they had lived for 1000’s of years with their Christian and Muslim Neighbours.

    • Eric Benítez
    • posted on November 2, 2023

    No sirvió de nada


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